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You just need 3rd, 4th and 5th digits of iPhone serial number to know the manufacture date of iPhone.
Another example: If the serial number is xx736xxxxxx then manufacture year is 2007 and 36th week. Lets see how to check iphone serial number first and then how the serial numbers tells you the manufacturing date of iPhone.

The iPhone as a device has become a utility that enables users to store music, videos, photos and make calls creating a unified and high-quality user experience.  Each iPhone model has unique characteristics that is registered with the serial number.
To check iPhone serial number scroll down to the Serial Number section found a few steps below. So if you own an iOS device and want to check whether your device is eligible for repairs and service coverage or you want to buy a used iOS device and want to know how old is it or if it comes under warranty then here is a simple guide to walk you through the whole process of warranty check.

Scroll down and you’ll find the Serial Number of your device as shown in screenshot above.

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