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Finally, we have introduced a mobile app that runs on the i*hone and i*od Touch and we’ve blogged about that here.
I’m sure there are many people who have Comcast that are very anxious for this app to release.
Love the idea of apps like this, but please wake me up when Comcast is finally irrelevant in the television programming space. Won't this app need to be specific to your cable, satellite provider depending on their cable boxes and programs?
On a side note, what is GTL, I have heard it thrown around a lot lately but I am ignorant, I don't have TV at my house. Like a mirage, the sweet succulence fades before your eyes with nary a drop to quench your thirst.

I wish, I have dish and would love to be able to run my DVR through my droid….soon, I hope! About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
While one of the most popular features of this app is the ability to remotely control your DVR so you can record your favorite shows on the go, it also provides a number of other very useful phone features. Though you have no less, you still feel as though the keenest loss has been borne upon you.
My favorite is the ability to auto-forward calls to your home phone directly to your mobile device. No doubt they will find a way to charge for this, tangle the interface in advertisements, and create such an unusable piece of crap that it makes you want to pull your own teeth out as your phone crashes.

You can also receive “push” notifications that someone has left you a voicemail at home and you can check and listen to your home voicemail via the app. We hope to make the app work on as many different devices as possible, including Blackberry and Android.

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