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One thing that Mark likes about working at CPR is that customers often say that they are hero’s. Each one of these are true to life examples of situations that CPR has come to the rescue in a very anxious situation. With hundreds of cell phones on the market, it’s extremely difficult to determine the extent of a repair without a proper hands-on examination. Once a repair has been made, our technicians will test and retest the new part(s) to ensure that everything is working properly. We'd love to hear from you!Fill out the form below to get a free estimate or send us your questions and comments! Send with fully charged battery if possibleDo not ship chargers, or sim cardsPackage securely in bubble wrap, USPS Priority is a good way to ship.
We have a commitment to provide the easiest & most economical way to fix a broken phone. The hype over the opportunity to manage mobile devices is getting louder but many of the service providers we’ve spoken to are not convinced the “device” itself is the management opportunity.
ZDNet is reporting that HTC will offer remote support for their devices using LogMeIn Remote.While the press release offers the caveat we predicted – “with the mobile operators consent” – it puts the responsibility for problem remediation on the device manufacturer.
We recently spoke with one of our partners that has been doing “remote worker support” profitably for years and he shared several tips on how to profit from the mobile device presence, which we will feature in an upcoming webinar. This conversation is similar among service providers who have experience managing mobile devices.
Service providers are trying to reconcile the fact that there are more devices in the hands of employees and the level of liability that comes with promising mobile device technical support.
All CPR Stores are independently owned and operated and may not offer all of the repair and warranty types listed on this website.

They are not miracle workers, but they do have solutions for important data before, and after, it has been lost.
For example, if your Galaxy has a charging issue or broken charging port, we can remove the broken port and install a brand new connector, all while you wait. Today two new developments are further confirming that skepticism with the carriers and phone vendors announcing plans to manage devices for free by default. This makes sense for several reasons: 1) It will reduce the likelyhood that you will want to return the device, 2) It provides the level of assurance that the device will continue to work 3) It makes the customer loyal to the brand.
MSP Mentor reported yesterday that Blackberry Fusion will extend their reach in the MDM world, giving service providers the ways and means to enforce corporate policies and manage device access to corporate networks. With the carriers offering handset insurance, device manufacturers offering remote support and the manufacturers moving faster than the mobile device management software, does it make financial sense for service providers to get involved in what is a quazi-personal device? To hop onto the corporate network you had to abide by the policies or live without access of any kind. It is difficult to quote you a price over the phone without a close inspection by one of our Galaxy repair specialists. Let the experts at CPR® diagnose exactly what the problem is and exactly what your gadget needs to be operational again. This is far from the doom and gloom for the MSPs, who are enjoying much higher service sales and consulting engagements on the back of mobile device proliferation. It also makes sense for the carrier who will not have to deal with the phone support in the store and by limiting the support to the length of the typical 2 year contract, customers will be returning to the store just as they are due to be sold a new device.
While it is great to have the tools, service providers are weary of providing actual device troubleshooting and support.
Today, with 3G and 4G and free wifi anywhere, users are neither desperate nor concerned about getting the IT providers permission.
We are constantly hearing about how many clients are asking to be moved to the cloud for email and file sharing, how many are finally signing off to infrastructure upgrades in order to gain mobile access, resurgence in Terminal Server sales and more.

What would you define as management – configuration, network access, email access, device support, app-level LOB support? Everyone records their lives with their cell phones, names, pictures, phone numbers, baby pictures, pets, the pictures and text messages that you need for the court case coming up, even the last time you were with mom before she passed away. Maybe your iPhone has a cracked screen because you dropped it, or maybe your brand new Galaxy S4 was water damaged when a friend pushed you into the pool. So what constitutes cell phone repair and how do you put limitations on mobile device management? Furthermore, many turn to the mobile devices for access when the corporate networks have issues or undergo maintenance intervals.
While the mobile devices are generating a lot of business activity, the mobile devices aren’t a business many service providers want to manage. They can move the main board into a working phone, replace an LCD, or use their software to pull the data from the phone.
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Then there is the issue of fragmentation – is the version of Android supported, how far back do we support Windows Mobile and what do we do when someone brings us a device that has apps that were never updated – do we update them all and risk being blamed for some other issue? Getting your cell phone wet usually means you have to replace it, but sometimes if you’re fast enough, you might be able to save the phone!

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