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CPR knew they needed a more updated, clean and modern site to replace their current consumer site. Recent CommentsStephanie Graf on Wicked Vicky logo now up in the Riviera.Morgan on Wicked Vicky logo now up in the Riviera. One thing that Mark likes about working at CPR is that customers often say that they are hero’s. Each one of these are true to life examples of situations that CPR has come to the rescue in a very anxious situation.
All rights reserved.Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited unless expressly authorized by the publisher. Especially since their client base would be coming to them for repair of the newest gadgets on the market today.
They are not miracle workers, but they do have solutions for important data before, and after, it has been lost.

When another fight started and the land line was ripped out, she ran to the bedroom and locked the door. Only keeping their logo, the entire site was redesigned from the ground up which then also translated to other marketing materials to further advertise the new look of the brand. She had enough time to call 911, and the police arrived in time to prevent a potentially deadly situation. Everyone records their lives with their cell phones, names, pictures, phone numbers, baby pictures, pets, the pictures and text messages that you need for the court case coming up, even the last time you were with mom before she passed away. Cells are regulated by the FCC, which requires that ALL cells, regardless of status of service (or even the lack of service), must be able to dial 911. They can move the main board into a working phone, replace an LCD, or use their software to pull the data from the phone. Whether you have a phone number or not, whether you have signed up for service or not, your cell can connect to 911.

With cell phone activations approaching 6 billion worldwide, nearly everyone has had a cell phone that has needed minor repairs. Initially perceived as throw away gadgets, contemporary cell phones have increased in complexity, cost and functionality making today’s devices less disposable and consumers more likely to have damaged units repaired. With the only available option for repair service being the current “mail-in-and-wait” model, consumers have been reluctant to do without and opted instead to simply buy new devices – often in the midst of an extended wireless contract – forcing them to pay much higher replacement prices since the original purchase price was heavily subsidized by the carrier (who’s financial interest is in the long term annuity service contract, not the device).
Specializing in water damage, charging ports, broken LCD’s, and much more CPR® has the capability of fully restoring damaged devices – in-store and usually in under an hour.

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