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Dell Streak 7 Tablet is a stylish Android based Touch Tablet Smartphone packed with high-definition features and applications with user-friendly interface.
Dell mobile has tough competition in India , not only from the world mobile market leaders like Nokia and Samsung but also from the local mobile phone brands like Micromax and Lava Mobiles .Dell Mobile India has currently launched mainly the Android mobile phones and one Windows Phone 7 mobile (Dell Venue Pro) .
It is either maximum retail price or current market price in at least one retail outlet including online shops.

It comes with long lasting battery option that gives excellent talk time and standby time offer. The phone comes in a stylish tablet design powered by Nvidia Tegra T20 - Dual Core of 1 GHz and runs with Android 2.2 (Froyo) with over the Air Upgrade Capability. So, buyers are requested to check the best value price with the local dealers or retail outlets.

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