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When you need to find an address or phone number of a person or a company, what will perhaps immediately come to mind is to call your phone service to ask for their help.
While this may be the most convenient way to find an address or telephone number, this may not be the cheapest option for you. Phone companies usually charge for international directory assistance and the charges are on top of your monthly service fee.
Whether you are searching for a residential address and phone number or a business address and contact details, online directories can help you find this information.
If you do not know the zip code of the state where you think the person is located, simply check online for international zip codes. Note: It is very important to include the right zip code so the online directory can locate the person as accurately as possible especially if the name of the person or business you are looking for has several others that closely resemble it.
Also, failure to include a zip code for an international address may not be accepted by the online directory which means that your query might just be rejected. If a specific online directory yields no results, you can always try another online directory assistant.
Depending on the online directory, you may be asked first to sign-up for the directory service. If you are looking for a person, you may be asked to provide the following information: Last name, first name, city, state and zip code.

If you do not know the person?s first name, your query might still be accepted provided that you give the last name as this is more important than the first name.
Some online directories can provide you with the information you are looking simply by inputting the person?s full name and state location. However, if your query yields too many results; you may refine your search by adding the zip code and the city where you think the person is located.
If your query does not yield any results, the online directory may give you other suggestions on how to find the person. Finding contact details of a business may be done in two ways: first, by category of the business and second, by the name of the business itself.
For business categories, you may key in keywords like plumber, movers, coffee shop or restaurant. Again, if your query yields too many or no results, the online directory may provide you with suggestions to refine your search.
On the other hand, if you are not confident about the person?s name ? they may have changed their last name after marriage or you are not sure about how to correctly spell it ? but you have with you the last known phone number of the person, you may use this bit of information to help you find the person. For this type of online international directory assistance, you will simply be asked to key in the area code and the phone number. Again, it is important to include the area code so the online directory can give you more accurate results ? plus, as stated earlier, the absence of an area code may have your query rejected by the online directory.

For help on how to use the online directory of your choice, go to the site?s Help or FAQ page.
An accumulation of international directory assistance calls will most likely surprise you with a staggering bill. There are a number of websites that can provide you with international directory assistance. Better yet, type in your phone service on the search engine?s search box to see if they have an online directory.
Most of the time however, you can immediately use the directory without having to sign-up for anything. For both options, you will be asked to include the city, zip or area code and state where the business is located. There could be a trade-in for using their online directory assistance is that you will be bombarded with spam or advertising junk in your email ? for sites that require you to sign-up first before being allowed to use their services.
Learning how to call forward means you can get your phone calls, even when you are away from your home phone.

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