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App Lock Apk Mod Plus Hack Full Version [Premium] is an equipment that will lets you expand Android’s entry settings in order to particular apps in addition to built to safeguard ones privateers.
Selected photographs fade from a photograph gallery, in addition to keep based guiding a good easy-to-use PIN NUMBER sleeping pad. Hide App lets you hide any app from your phone and keeps it from showing up in you app drawer.
Hide Pics, SMS & Lock Apps, as the name suggests lets you hide pictures, videos, music, specific files, notes and even contacts. When you open the app for the first time it asks you to choose a password for which you can also set up an email recovery. You can hide almost anything from pictures, videos and music all the way to specific files.
Note: This method requires the Xposed framework to be installed on your device, you can check out our guides on how you can acquire that if you don’t already have it. This method will fool Android by disguising Chrome’s incognito tab as a separate browser and will prompt you to choose which way you’d like to browse when you open an external link.
With iOS 8, Apple made it possible to hide pictures on iOS devices by putting them in a designated folder. After launching Secret Photo & Video Calculator, you'll be asked to type in a numeric passcode. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can use it to import images to the Secret Photo & Video Calculator image vault. Content is organized in individual albums or folders, and there are tabs separating photos from videos. If you ever feel like unhiding, exporting, or attaching a hidden image to an email, press the small arrow in the bottom left corner and hit the Export button, as shown.
If you ever wish to unhide, export, or share a hidden image, tap on the icon in the bottom left corner. App Lock lets you fasten particular applications so you can sense somewhat more secure in relation to sharing ones Operating system gadget.

All previous and future call logs and SMS will be hidden for the contacts you choose to hide which makes all the difference.
The premium version includes additional features such as resisting uninstall and changing app icon.
You can also change this disguise screen from a number of options such as a currency converter or a mere jokes app. Next time you open up a link the phone will give you an additional option to open the link directly in Chrome’s incognito window. This is done by opening a photo, holding down a finger on the image, and tapping "Hide" in the pop-up menu bubble that appears.
On one hand, the software doesn't go the extra mile to disguise itself as another, less suspicious app, and the full-screen ads it displays are likely to annoy you. You're free to use anything from a simple, 4-digit PIN to a complex, alphanumeric passcode. Pressing the + sign will give you the option to open your image gallery and import one or multiple photos or videos.
If you need to import images stored on a computer, you may do so using the app's built-in web server feature, or simply hook up your iPhone to a computer over USB. It works in a similar fashion a€“ by storing your private images locally in its password-protected vault. Now that your password is created, you may create one or several folders to store images in. You may import photos and videos stored in your gallery app, or copy them over from your computer.
I am given opportunity to PC user or every type of mobile user to download any time any type of software or Android Apps for their user. People who have actually used the feature, however, know that it doesn't really do anything to keep the supposedly hidden photos private. As the name implies, the software is disguised as an innocent-looking calculator, and even appears labeled as Calculator+ in your apps list.

We suppose you'll be importing existing photos from your gallery, but if you wish to, you may snap secret photos straight from the app, thus avoiding the chance of them ever ending up on iCloud. Keep in mind that in the app's free version, there's a limit to the number of images you can hide.
As the previous two apps, there's a limit on the number of files you can store using the app's free version, and it stands at 30 pictures and 5 videos. Mark one or several images by tapping on them and hit the second button at the bottom, which will present you with a bunch of exporting methods. App Lock can easily fasten TEXT MESSAGE, Connections, Google 30 mails, Myspace, Gallery, Marketplace, Adjustments, Cell phone calls in addition to virtually any iPhone app you decide, together with numerous possibilities, safeguarding ones privateers.
If you have a rooted phone you can hide apps and not let anyone even know that some app exists on your phone. In a nutshell, images are removed from the user's Collections and Camera Roll, but they're still available in an album conspicuously named "Hidden". Punch in your passcode, however, and you'll be granted access to the app's secret image-hiding abilities.
If the app gets stuck at this step, just close it from your recent apps list and launch it again. And no, there's no password required to access the content.Needless to say, Apple's approach to hiding pictures doesn't work for anyone who keeps sensitive content, such as spicy photos of themselves or significant others, on their iOS device. It is also important to mention that hidden images can only be shared or exported with the paid version of the app.

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