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With HTC BlinkFeeda„?, all your favourite content is streamed live onto your home screen, now with Google+ integration and international editions allowing you more than 1,400 providers, giving you a multi-country and multi-language view. To set up your HTC BlinkFeeda„?, swipe to the right, click the menu and select Topics and services. What's new is you can now create an Animated GIF using HTC Zoea„? or continuous shots a€“ right from your HTC One.
With HTC Sense TVa„?, get complete control over your TV, set-top box and home entertainment system. What's new is a highly customizable remote control with refreshing new layout to make it even simpler and you can configure this even if you aren't using any cable provider.
In Gallery view, simply swipe to the left until you get the tab My HTC Shares, there, you can review your content, take a look at the likes and comments, share your HTC Share URL and even delete them when no longer needed. HTC allows you to access your quick settings by using 2 fingers and swiping downwards a€“ just like you would your notification tray. Swipe downwards with 2 fingers, & click the edit icon on the top left hand side, next to the menus switcher. That gives you easy access to Do Not Disturb, Data Roaming toggle, Media Output Control, Ringtone changer, and so much more. A new music channel with a refreshed layout for the best navigation experience, no more pull down menus, with the new carousel style, just like in the gallery!
And with FREE additional 40GB Google Drive cloud storage, you're all set to be that mobile road warrior.
Do remember to check that box for "Update over Wi-Fi only" which helps conserve your data usage. How to set Galaxy S6 touch key light duration, and how to disable Galaxy S6 touch key light? This guide works for both Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, although  in the text, we often just use Galaxy S6.
Unlike other Android Lollipop devices, Samsung Galaxy S6 still uses the old 3 sound modes, instead of the new Android Lollipop notification and interruption system. There are two ways to change the sound modes in Samsung Galaxy S6: from Settings or from Galaxy S6 Notification panel  (quick settings). Then you can choose from the three galaxy S6 sound modes: sound, vibrate or mute as shown below.

Another way to access and change Galaxy S6 sound mode is from Quick settings in the notification panel.
You can silence these annoying tapping sound and haptic feedback without going into mute mode or vibrate mode. Method 1:  Enter vibrate mode or mute mode  to silence Samsung Galaxy S6, including ringer. Method 2: Put your palm over the screen or turn the phone over to mute ringer on Samsung Galaxy S6. But if you want to only silence notifications on Samsung Galaxy S6, not the ringer or alarms, you can simply set the default notification tones as silent as shown below. Some apps and some contacts can have customized notification tones, so you can use this method to  allow some notification tones to pass through. If you want to block notifications from certain apps, not just silence the notification tone, you can set it in App notifications. If you need silence Samsung Galaxy S6 keyboard, you can go to Settings—Language and input, tap Samsung keyboard. One of the new features of Android Lollipop is the new notification and interruption systems. Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy S6 does not implement the new notification system (see this post on this Samsung Galaxy S6 defect). Please let us know in the comment box below, if you have any questions or encounter any problems on how to silence Samsung  Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge, how to silence app notifications on Samsung Galaxy S6, or how to silence Samsung Galaxy S6 keyboard. For detailed guides on how to use Samsung Galaxy S6, please check Galaxy S6 how-to guides page.
One of these days they will allow you to silence the beeo you get when you plug your phone in to get charged. My phone us set to do not disturb while I am sleeping, however I am still being woken by Facebook notification sounds…. There are custom responses for your contacts, for groups of contacts, for custom phone numbers, default response ("for others"), black list, etc. If that's not going to keep you busy enough, you can create custom feeds from keyword search or through RSS. Watch your photos come to life with sight and sound, that makes up your living, breathing gallery.

It gives you a simple TV program guide, set quick reminders (that also appear on your HTC BlinkFeeda„?), Integrated content streaming, and also, with the HTC Media Link HD, you can now view content from your phone on your TV. Sharing your HTC Video Highlights, HTC Zoea„? Photos, Still frames & HD Videos in an instant in all its glory. There are 12 quick settings, but the best part is, you can now customise a whole range of new options.
Please refer to this guide (coming soon) on how to customize Samsung Galaxy S6 notification tones.
As Samsung Galaxy S6 does not have Priority mode for Android Lollipop, this option is only used for Do Not Disturb. In previous generations of galaxy devices, you can disable notify during calls under call alerts.
Leaves voice messages to people calling you, blocks unwanted calls, out of office or do-not-disturb assistant, SMS answering machine, etc. Here you can start or stop the service (if the service is stopped Best Secretary will perform no action).
With the ability to take 20 high resolution still photos and a 3 second video, you get to enjoy features like Always Smile, Object Removal, Sequence Shot and more!
Perfect for those days where you don't want to be disturb or when you need a restful sleep at night. If you set the app notification as priority, notifications may pass through when Do Not Disturb is activated.
If the phone is in my pocket and I’m in a conversation I have to take it out, open it up and swipe or reject the call to end the sound. You can customise this and allow more important people to still get through and be in touch.

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