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I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. Canada - highly detailed map.All elements are separated in editable layers clearly labeled. Made in Canada circular vector stamp featuring maple leaf and map of Canada in official Canada flag colors. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. A partir du 28 octobre 2004, si vous emettez un cheque qui est encaisse aux Etats-Unis, votre releve de compte pourrait etre accompagne d'une reproduction sur papier du cheque paye, a la place de l'original. Comptes d'entreprise : le codage MICR dans le bas du cheque commence par 026004093, suivi de votre numero de cheque a 10 chiffres qui commence par 0. Comptes personnels : le codage MICR dans le bas du cheque commence par 026004093, suivi de votre numero de cheque a 10 chiffres qui commence par 9.
Une nouvelle loi federale des Etats-Unis, appelee Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Compensation de cheques pour le XXIe siecle), ou Check 21 Act, donne aux institutions financieres des Etats-Unis la possibilite de traiter des cheques de remplacement a la place des originaux. Meme s'il s'agit d'une loi des Etats-Unis, elle touche les institutions financieres et leurs clients dans toute l'Amerique du Nord. Aucun changement ne devra etre apporte a votre compte ni a l'impression et a la commande de vos cheques en dollars US. The Staples Copy & Print Centre website is a web-based document submission service that connects customers' desktop or laptop computers directly to the Staples Print Centre network through an easy-to-use web site.The Staples Copy & Print Centre website simplifies the submission and purchase of documents, and eliminates common errors that can result from printing electronic files.
Can I have my online order printed at a different STAPLES Copy & Print Centre location than my preferred one? You can change your default preferred Staples Print Centre by clicking the YOUR ACCOUNT link. If a coupon cannot be redeemed for any reason a message will appear on screen alerting you to the exact nature of the error.
Please note that we send out various offers, some of which may be limited in quantity or redeemable only in our retail stores.
The Card Security Code or CSC (also referred to as CVV) is the three- or four-digit number printed on the back of your credit card.
Our encryption process protects all credit card and personal information during the submission process, ensuring that none of your information may be accessed in any way while it is being transmitted to us on the Internet. Simply present your printed invoice at the pick up location you selected when you placed your online order (indicated on your invoice). Someone other than the person who paid for the order may pick it up as long as they present the printed invoice. Orders not yet processed may be canceled by sending an email to the pick up location you selected. We are continuously making updates to our selection and although your font of choice may no longer be available, there is likely a similar font that will satisfy your needs.
Orders can be picked up from any Staples Copy & Print Centre or shipped directly to your home or business. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery or pick up in store on: Full Colour Business Cards, Cards and Invitations, Bookmarks, Journals and Agendas, Teacher Planners, Posters and Signature Posters, Postcards, Stamps, Embossers, Signage, Photo Books, Deluxe Calendars, Classic Calendars, Year-In-View Calendars and Durable Kids Labels.
Staples charges sales tax based on the order’s destination, in accordance with provincial and federal tax laws.
Please log in and go to “MY ACCOUNT” and track your order from your order history or “contact us” with your order number. Please log in and go to “MY ACCOUNT” and find out the status of your order by clicking on order history or “contact us” with your order number. Please visit Staples location near you or go to “contact us” and we will be happy to assist with your order. Are there times when the services of the Staples Copy & Print Centre website are unavailable? We aim for a 99% uptime, with minimal pre-scheduled maintenance periods during which the service may be unavailable. Once your order is complete, on in store pick up orders, you will receive an email notifying you that your order is ready for pick up. Express delivery service between 2-3 business days and Standard delivery between 5-7 business days for orders that are eligible.
If your order contains Tabs, Blueprint Engineering Prints, Wide Format Lamination or Foam Core Mounting, it will be ready in 4-10 business days. If you are uploading your new document via the print driver, you can get to the PRINT NEW DOCUMENT page after logging on.
If the Continue button doesn’t appear on the MY ORDERS page, then you may have a COULD NOT PRICE error.
To remove a document from the MY ORDERS page, click the REMOVE link next to the thumbnail preview in the Document table. If you do not see a price, then you have selected production options that conflict with each other. Same Day Business Cards can be ordered in store via our eKiosk or online with your personal Staples Copy and Print Centre account.

Same Day Business Card orders must be placed by 12:00pm (local time) in order for your local store to have enough time to produce. If a Same Day Business Card order is place after 12:00pm (local time), the order will not be ready for pick up until the next business day.
An order confirmation will be sent to your email address once your order is ready for pick up.
Raised print [also called Thermography] is a process which raises the printed image above the sheet.
UV Coated business cards are a flat print business card that is coated with a laminate-like substance that effectively assures long lasting protection from debris, sunlight, oil and moisture. True Spot Colour is a Predictable CMYK colour match system used with computer-generated colours. Click on the Order History Button located on the Top Right Side of the Raised Print Products Menu.
Use the history form to search for prior online orders by date range, item number, order number, mainline or any keyword that was entered in the previous order.
How long does it take to produce an order for Raised Print and UV Coated Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelopes and Rolls Labels? Extra Line [also called leading or line spacing] is the vertical space between lines of type. When any image or element on a page extends beyond the trim edge, leaving no margin, it is said to bleed.
Not all fonts include all characters required for Western, Central and Eastern European languages. The Word Wrap button is used to manage text placed within the same text group based on the assigned width of the text group. Select the Edit Design Button located on the Complete Page then select Text & Art> Add New Text.
You may upload a variety of file types including raster (BMP, JPEG and TIFF) and vector formats such as Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) and PDF.
Select the Save Button to store a work-in-progress or finished design for recall at a later time. Yes, select the Edit Design Button located on the Complete Page then select the Product Button.
All uploaded colour artwork will be converted to grayscale or 1-Bit monochrome depending on image content.
If I place an order for 3 different items that require the same custom logo will I need to upload the logo 3 times? No, custom uploaded art is stored in the Graphics Logo Selection under the Uploaded Art Category. From the complete page select Edit Design > Text & Art > Add New Logo > Select Art File to locate previously uploaded artwork.
Colour logos can be applied to all products with a full-colour option (badges, nameplates, wall plates, desk plates, and signs). Black and white images (not greyscale) give the best result for all stamps and engraved products (engraved nameplates, engraved wall plates, engraved badges and engraved desk plates). To remove an image from your Image Library click the DELETE button with the same name as the image you want removed. To preview an image already uploaded, click the image name in your list of Current Images on File.
The Comments field is a place to add additional instructions that will be interpreted by the people producing your order.
For example, I complete the online order form for a sign with 2 logos both of which are located in the top-left hand corner. All orders that do not require a proof will be ready for in store pick up or delivered within 7 business days.
Requested proofs will be delivered within 2 business days of order submission (please do not include the submission date). What do I do if I cannot find a computer cheque compatible with the software program I'm using. Can I add information in the body of a basic form without having to order a Design-Your-Own? Yes, you are able to edit your calendar duration by clicking on the ‘Edit Start Date’ button.
On a Canadian cheque, the first three (3) digits are the cheque number, followed by a 5 digit bank routing (transit) number (identifying the specific bank branch), then comes a 3 digit institution number (identifying the bank) and finally your account number. For more information see the article "Bank Institution Logos" from the Victoria Numismatic Society.
A financial institution (FI) number is the 3-digit number that identifies your Canadian financial institution. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.

Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased.
Ces reproductions sur papier sont appelees, en vertu de la loi des Etats-Unis, des cheques de remplacement. A temporary cookie is used to identify the server session.The Staples Copy & Print Centre website also attempts to install a permanent cookie to automatically fill in the customer's login information for any future sessions.
A secure (SSL) connection is used whenever you send personal information (passwords, payment information, etc) or upload your documents. Online payment in advance makes the entire process more efficient by allowing you to pay with ease from the comfort of your home or office while eliminating this extra step when you pick up your order. We accept all major cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and our own Staples® Credit Card (gift cards are excluded). As a security measure, we request your CSC so we can verify that the credit card being used is in the physical possession of the person using it.
If you are unable to access your email account, you can have your invoice printed at your STAPLES Copy & Print Centre pick up location. STAPLES Copy & Print reserves the right to change their font selection at any point in time. Delivery times and shipping costs vary depending on the delivery option you choose and the shipping location. Staples has a business "presence" in each of the provinces or territories we ship to and is therefore required to charge sales tax based on the tax laws of that province or territory. The first is to check the box beside the document name(s) you want to delete and then click the DELETE button. Also, check that the filename does not have any special characters such as an ampersand (“&”). They offer specific background patterns and colours to choose from and are personalized in black ink only.
You have a choice of up to any 2 PMS ink colours over and above the already included black MICR number and required black back print. Simply select the desired start month, year and calendar duration from the pop up window when you begin using the application.
If you have not received a confirmation email after submitting your order, contact us via email by clicking here.
If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.
On les designe aussi couramment sous le nom de « Image Replacement Document », IRD, ou document image de remplacement. A secure connection is also in place whenever you upload a document to the Staples Copy & Print Centre.
If left unchanged in MY ACCOUNT, your pick up location will automatically default to the STAPLES store selected as your preferred location.
For in store eKiosk orders, applicable coupons must be presented to a Copy & Print Centre associate upon payment. Once you have supplied your credit card and billing information, simply click the PROCEED button to view and print your invoice.
Select I NEED TO CANCEL MY ORDER as your reason for writing and be sure to include the order number to be cancelled. You need to remove the document from the MY ORDERS page, and then return to the document and change your document finishing production options.
Year-In-View calendars are available in sizes 8.5" x 11", 11" x 17", 18" x 24", 20" x 30" and 24" x 36". The first is to check the box beside the document name(s) you want to save and then click the SAVE button. Also, you can check to see whether a price is displayed before your select the ORDER DOCUMENT button. This will add the document to the MY ORDERS page with the exact finishing production options as previously ordered.
Click the ADD button and your new document will be added to the end of your existing document. Matching monitor to prints requires a quality monitor, good ambient light, a calibration solution (hardware and software) a colour profile model and a great amount of knowledge about colour management.
Different monitors will have varying levels of ability to display colours; some can display many more shades than others. Resolution affects colour because monitors may have different numbers of dots-per-inch (DPI) on their screens, the higher the resolution the clearer and more accurate images appear.

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