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We have compiled a list of the top cookie logo brands and the slogans that helped make them famous. I’ve heard of many different approaches for how people come up with names for their companies.
I don’t know which of these methods is best but when my co-founders and I decided we needed a new name for our company, we did as we usually do with most things—try to figure it out ourselves first. I thought it might be helpful to share our process with you before you jump into your next name game. At the beginning of our search for a new name, I wrote to Nate Weiner, founder of Pocket (formerly Read It Later).
We knew it was time to find a name that fit with what our company was now and where we are going in the future. Starting the search for a new name is exciting and daunting at the same time because you can pick anything. After creating this list, I walked around looking at the names of boutiques and the descriptions on restaurant menus to spark inspiration for words that could relate to our company. Words like “fresh” and “crisp” would catch my eye so I jotted them down in my notes to revisit later.
Over the next few weeks, I set aside about a half an hour each day to free write as many random words I could think of. Another place we looked for “good words” was on Vimeo, Kickstarter, and websites with strong copywriting like Apple. Artists on Vimeo and Kickstarter often use unique words as names for their productions which can spark more ideas for names. We also looked for interesting words by paging through the dictionary amd clicking through this random noun generator website. While you might not end up choosing any of these words as your company name, they can be jumping off points that might eventually lead you to something.
Without sharing any of the words we had come up with, I wrote to a few people outside our company to try and come up with some more words.

Even if the people you speak with don’t immediately give you the idea for the right name, they’ll bring a different perspective and could share some potential names that help create new connections in your brain.
Once we had this of “good words” we took each word and paired it with the other words on the list to see if there might be any combinations that could work.
Another thing we looked at was finding potential words that rhymed with our favorite words. Before picking the top names, we stopped looking at anything that had to do with naming for about a week. What would Google search results look like if someone searched your company name with your keywords?
After this review, we shared our names with our customers and then decided on our top three.
Think about your company name as much as you want but when you feel you’re ready, trust your gut, and make a choice. Finding the right name for your company can help with things like word-of-mouth and memorability but it’s not a deal breaker for success. Get the best tips, tricks, and actionable advice on how to work smarter delivered straight to your inbox. Your attention shifts for a moment, and suddenly your child or loved one has wandered out of sight.So put the odds in your favor for a safe return, with SafetyTat.
In most parts of the world, cookie companies like Oreo’s, Keebler and the popular Mrs Fields are house hold names.
I asked Nate about some takeaways from his company’s rebrand to Pocket and he was awesome enough to share his thoughts. To start heading in the right direction, we first created a list of words that described our company. Not all the words were good, but this process helped cast a wide net of potential thoughts that were the roots for finding a name. We wanted to get out of our own “naming bubble” before narrowing down the final name options.
As a team, we discussed our shared preference for single word names that were short (a maximum of one to two syllables).

We took each of our potential names and paired it with the keyword phrases people typically use to find us on Google. A name is an easy thing to over-think but ultimately, your company name is what you make of it.
Before reading the rest of this article, be sure to take the Cookie Slogan Quiz and see how well you know these famous cookie brands. The goal at this point was simply to find a lot of words we liked that could be related to the words that described our company. When all you’re thinking about is names day after day, you can get sucked in the process and lose sight of the bigger picture. Although we eventually did a proper trademark review for a few of our favorite names with our lawyer, this quick search upfront helped us see if we were considering a name in a crowded space where a trademark might be difficult to get. For instance, for the potential name “Crew” we searched “ Crew app development” and “Crew web designer.” I looked to see if anything popped up on the first few pages of results that could be confused with us. Unfortunately, because we were considering short, one syllable words, most of these handles and custom URLs were already taken. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides a highly visible form of identification that stays in place even when wet! Our Twitter handle was the one we wanted to grab the most because it’s where we invest the most time as a company but it wasn’t available.
Although it’s not ideal, even if you don’t get the Twitter handle that matches your name right away, you still have options. The definition of “crew” is, “a group of persons involved in a particular kind of work or working together.” In essence, this is what our company does?—?connecting people with professionals to do exceptional work.
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