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If you subscribe to our hotel newsletter, 25hours Hotel Company GmbH, Singapurstrasse 1 20457 Hamburg will send you regular emails with individually compiled information about the 25hours Hotels, insider tips for the cities and other exciting offers. If you want the newsletter content to be customized to suit your interests, we can automatically analyze which type of newsletter content may or may not interest you (i.e. Unsere Seite verwendet Cookies und andere Technologien, damit wir und unsere Partner Sie wiedererkennen und verstehen konnen, wie Sie unsere Seite nutzen. Go towards the city center along Osdorfer Weg, which then turns into Von-Sauer-Strasse and then Bahrenfelder Chaussee.

Once at the bottom, follow Hegarstrasse to the right for about 100 meters to the corner of Bahrenfelder Kirchenweg. You can cancel your subscription to the email newsletter at any time, by using the link included in each edition of the newsletter.
This data will be stored separately from your other data under a randomly selected identification number (as a “pseudonym”) and used exclusively to compile the most appropriate content for the emails we send to you. Now turn right into Gasstrasse, and after about 200m make a left turn right at the Hamburger Sparkasse (HASPA).

Passing stores like Edeka and Aldi you will reach 25hours Hotel Number One after approximately 300 meters on your left hand side.

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