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If youa€™re using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier, you will need to use an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE9 or greater).
For work or play, from phones, tablets and watches to accessories and more, we make mobile technology fit your life. With a ground-breaking camera and display plus cutting-edge design and fabrication, the LG G4 is the ultimate in forward-thinking design with a classic touch.
Get your questions answered about product setup, use and care, repair and maintenance issues. If you like the KRZR model but hesitate to pay the price, you might want to take a look at the low-end alternative from Motorola. I got a W385 TELUS pay & talk from Best Buy (Canada-Edmonton) a little more than a month ago. A few weeks ago, i started getting random phone calls from people claiming i had just called them. I Went to ottawa or hall to buy my motorola , W385 , And i love it , but i see lots of ppl payed 97$ , I Payed 112.
But i love my phone , my problem is , how do you connect your phone to internet and get ringtones ? I'm not much of a caller, but I'm a huge texter, and back when unlimited texting was $10 a month, I had it put on my phone and set to auto-renew, so even after it went up to $15, I continued to pay $10. 25 cents a minute kind of sucks, but since I'm not calling much, it doesn't really bother me. Exclusive to TELUS, the ALCATEL ONETOUCH A392A is an affordable flip phone that gives you reliable voice and text communication with minimal costs. The 2MP camera can snap all your essential photos and Bluetooth connectivity gives you hands-free use with headsets and vehicles. Manufacturer’s rated peak download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps (expected average is 2-4 Mbps). Business Choice Voice gives you 500 Nationwide minutes and Unlimited Nationwide texts for your business. Sonim's performance ratings are 41.7 days standby time, 2400 minutes talk time, 420 minutes Wi-Fi surfing.
The Sonim XP7 will set you back $650 off-contract, which is certainly very steep for what is essentially a mid-range smartphone in its specifications and features.
The Sonim XP7 lives up to its billing as a rugged Android smartphone that can go anywhere and come back unscathed.The XP7 may be bulky and heavy, but the size and weight pay dividends when it comes to the phone's toughness factor. Drop an iPhone or a BlackBerry Passport$499.99 at Amazon once, face down, on concrete, and you've cracked the screen. I bought this phone for the only reason most people have, I have destroyed 8 phones over the last year.

I am stuck though as I need a phone that has some durablity, PTT and somewhat can take a decent quality picture.
The ONLY thing this phone can do is take a hit, the camera, mic, OS, signal reception is all very very poor. I just boight the Sonim Xp7, disapointed it camewith no manual,as it is not very user friendly,when trying to activate and set this beast up.
You do loose a few fetures thatheIphone has,so be sure you want to give thoes up,before buying this phone. There is still not a lot of intel on this phone,the battery last for about a week,before it needs recharging,key pad is small,unless you rotate the phone sideways,then the keypad is about thesame sizeas the iphone keypad.
This phone is made for roigh use,basically a work horse,not a party phone,so you loose the sexy features ,like Face Timing,voice chat,screen shot,text video incoming,there is no switch to click and mute the phone or put on silence,that is down by holding down the voloum key,and waiting for the scroll tab to open,then you slide to desired position. There is a down load manual For the sonimxp7,you can google the manual for the Sonim XP7,it is about 62 pages long,you can down load it to your hard drive,or print it off.
Just and FYI, you can change out from your iphone to your sonim,and can still use your iphone to face time and do internet stuff,like facebook and so on,so keep your iphone,if you wish to still beable to face time, it will only wrk with wifi.
3) There is a huge LED on the phone that flashes when you have email, texts and facebook messages; this light is as bright as a 747 anti-collision light and forces you to cover your phone when driving, or put away in a drawer at night. I thought It might be great given that Sonim is based out of Korea, but the phone is made in China, I guess the price of a few peices of paper would blow their profit margin.
Its unique design features a quick reload battery and modular functionality that lets you experience more of your world. The W385 takes the form of the KRZR and removes a few high-end features like the external media control and the shiny finish.
The W385 is posted on the site but there is no image and instead of a product page you get a broken link.
The battery charged fast for the first time, it has lasted long on the first charge as well, and the user friendly controls of the phone such as the AI. And thanks to feedback from customers like you, we're building a world-leading online experience. Actual network speed may vary by device being used, topography and environmental conditions, network congestion, signal strength, and other factors.
All battery life claims are approximate and based on an average user profile that includes both usage and standby.
An external, MicroSD, MicroSDHC (up to 32 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity. Thankfully this was stolen out of my truck a few days ago, when I ran into my house to get something. You can not video chat(FT), you can not receive text messages from iphone users,untill you deactivate your imessages on your macboo and ipads,and iphone(if you still use your iphone).

What you will get is the KRZR styling and a basic clamshell with a 65k-color screen, a VGA camera and 32MB of on board memory.
Actual battery performance will vary and depends on signal strength, network configuration, features selected, and voice, data, operating temperature and other application usage patterns. The XP7 outdoes the Brigadier on ultimate durability, battery life, and extreme speaker volume, with the three-year warranty offering a peace of mind no other phone can match.
Its designed for remote hard working people that pay through the teeth for bandwith and it comes with no manual. Slide your phone open to reveal a QWERTYA® keyboard or access features with the touchscreen. The buttons and controls are mostly good and can be used even when you're wearing gloves.The phone handles the basics well. The Brigadier is less expensive, has a less-scratchable screen and it isn't quite as clunky.
Performance on both phones is pretty similar.There are a bunch of new rugged smartphones which we hope to review soon.
Smartphones keep users connected all the time, anywhere service is available with a variety of features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, text, email, camera, camcorders and more.Make the most out of life with an LG cell phone.
The screen is of average quality, but is highly visible outdoors.The stock Android operating system doesn't include any compelling extras, but at least it functions as intended. Whether youa€™re making calls, sending emails or surfing the web, look to LG for smart, stylish and innovative cell phones that meet your needs and suit your lifestyle.From smartphones and Android phones, to 4G phones, LG phones offer solutions to help you increase connections and productivity so you can do more on your schedule. The phone has all the core communications and media tools on board, and has access to the Play Store for entertainment. Explore the options available, as well as our full range of cell phone accessories a€“ and find new ways to get connected.
I wasn't impressed by the camera software, nor the camera's performance, but people shopping for rugged phones likely don't care much about that.The XP7 is for first responders. Both are tough and are likely to be less expensive than the XP7, but they just aren't quite as extreme, and they don't have that amazing three-year warranty. It's for hard-working people who do dangerous things and need their device to survive to the end of the day, every day. If you're in need of an ultra-rugged smartphone, I can't think of a better option than the Sonim XP7.

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