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At Techswatch, we cover latest how-to-tech tutorials, review web, mobile and PC apps and share useful tips and tricks. Since I needed this information quite often –  I believe many others will need it too. Tagged  airtel, Aktel, Bangladesh Mobile Phone, Bangladeshi GSM Operators, banglalink, cdma, citycell, grameenphone, GSM, How to find own number, Mobile Own Number, Mobile Phone, Mobile Sim, robi, teletalk, Warid.

Now it may look like a stupid question but will certainly make sense if you are trying to use an old SIM that wasn’t active for a long time now. No worries here in this post I will be telling you how you can find your own mobile number using these simple codes provided by your operators.
It happens that we forget our mobile number very quickly if we are not using it frequently.

Don’t panic, as in this post I will be providing you with the USSD codes to find your own mobile number for carriers like Docomo, Airtel, Idea, Reliance, Vodafone and more.

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