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Louisiana office state parks louisiana state parks, Louisiana's state parks historic sites and preservation area offer you and your family a uniquely rewarding experience of our state's natural beauty and historical.
Home city orleans, Mayor hosts seventh strive nola graduation mayor mitch landrieu hosted the seventh strive new orleans graduation ceremony friday.
Louisiana state legislature, The 2016 regular legislative session convened on monday march 14 2016. Florida (FL)FL resale certificate example - Send a copy of your FL resale certificate issued by the state taxing authority.
Louisiana (LA)LA resale certificate example - Send a copy of your LA resale certificate issued by the state taxing authority. Mississippi (MS)MS retail sales tax permit example - Send a copy of your MS retail sales tax permit issued by the state taxing authority.
Puerto Rico (PR)Send a copy of your PR exemption certificate issued by the state taxing authority. You can do anything you want, but for God sakes don't employ any high school kids over the summer. I will give kudos to WA state on one dimension -- most states will issue me separate numbers for my withholding account, my sales tax account, my workers comp account, my unemployment account, my secretary of state registration, etc. That said - it occurs to me that it might be time to change careers and found a business helping businesses get business licenses? The process was deliberatly made as difficult as possible and they will do everything in their power to shut down anyone trying to make it easier. I apologize that my state makes educating the next generation in the fine art of work so difficult. I really can't believe a young ball of fire hasn't hooked up with one of 'em to sue the state over this crap. Before I was 18, I'd worked in a bakery (harder than you'd think) a commercial greenhouse (great job, they kept me on the job during school) and a summer at an auto parts wholesaler, where I worked side-by-side with adult men.
A quick search of the Washington State website found that they require an additional permit to hire minors.

Gotta ask how does the Federal Government 'minimum wage' law apply to someone operating a rake or hoe in the middle of a park?
That owner took out the taxes when he finally paid me, a month or so down the road, and claimed he had only taken out SocSec on the W2 form. To say that we have made progress in the area of youth employment in the past 70 years is a huge joke.
If you let kids work, they might just get the crazy idea that providing for themselves is the way things ought to be instead of depending on the government to give them stuff.
Why do I love your opinion pieces in the WSJ and your blog, but find it so difficult to sympathize with you?
Well, at least they told you right up front you shouldn't bother to try, rather than string you along for months and months trapped in the gumming anthill. I suppose the laws against teens working has to do with keeping those jobs for unskilled adults. I'm all for free markets and allowing child labor, within certain guidelines, but wonder about the nature of Mr.
An interesting take on this is now up at zerohedge in an article from the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada. SACRAMENTO (CBS) — The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Wednesday unveiled a new drivers’ license that includes added security features to protect against fraud, tampering and counterfeiting.
Although the new cards have started to be issued, existing license and ID cardholders will not be required to get new cards until their existing cards expire. Based on the horror stories I've heard about our Business & Occupation tax, I'm a bit surprised you're willing to expand here, but glad to see it nonetheless. If not, then this seems like a plausible partial explanation for why teen unemployment is so high in general, but not an explanation for why it's been so high lately.
In addition, as Warren points out, the regs, permits, and tons of red tape have made employing teenagers all but impossible. Kids were infinitely better off then than now in terms of job opportunities and gaining work experience.

Your business model is based on the premise that people like you can make government work through outsourcing, and then when the same government throws a few roadblocks in the way you get all indignant. No amount of parent directed activities can give a person the challenge and confidence of getting and keeping a job on their own. Meyer's stated beliefs in libertarianism while at the same time running a business almost entirely dependent on getting franchises from government.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Louisiana Department Of Revenue Homepage interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.
After that, I set pins in a bowling alley (pins flying by my head!), delivered newspapers, caddied at the golf course, etc. The system seems designed to wreck young peoples' job opportunities, make things impossible for prospective employers, and in every way impede economic activity. But I especially like your argument in this case which boils down to "it's for the children" Ha!
Pretty soon I was repairing book bindings and recommending new titles to the ladies who read mysteries.
The state may be bad, but some of the cities and counties can take it to the next level, especially King county and Seattle. I learned to deal with bosses, work hard, manage my money (35c per hour), and all the other good stuff one learns from working. By the time I graduated from high school I had 6 years experience including working for a florist and cashiering in a super store.

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