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On the Schedule A list of itemized deduction, one of the many types of deductible taxes is the personal property tax deduction. For individuals, the only personal property tax you’re likely to have is the tax portion of your annual car registration. As for the other fees, if you’re in doubt in your situation, you should check with your local taxing authorities. This popup will be closed in: Great Day!Just started a new business and looking for some tax help? Annual Tax Registration Renewal408 Aug 2014safety check,tax registration,technical checkIf you have a motorbike or a car, each year you have to renew the registration (the tax sticker).
The fee is the same each year for the first five years, then it is reduced by 10% every year up to a maximum of 50%.
If your car or bike is more than five years old, you have to undertake a technical check before you can apply to renew your registration. My old one, Toyota Camery 2.4 (8 years old and looking same new and about 75000 km only), is no more used actually and because of the ridiculous offered price not sold.
Hi Hans, I think you don't need to renew the insurance if you don't use the car, but you do need to pay the tax registration every year (or else they will ask you to pay for every year you didn't pay, and possibly add a fine).
By answering the questions in each of these steps, you will find an estimate of Green Slip prices for all currently licensed Green Slip insurers for the most common vehicle types and circumstances.

How long have you continuously held this type of motor insurance with your current insurer? Have any drivers of the vehicle had an accident in the last 2 years in which they were at fault? Have any drivers of the vehicle received a driving conviction or licence suspension in the last 5 years? The personal property tax deduction is allowed ONLY on personal property taxes based on the VALUE of the item.
Based on my understanding of Colorado personal property tax law (which, admittedly, isn’t great), Arapahoe County taxes your car based on some percentage of sticker price, which decreases with the age of the car.
According to Federal Tax law, your personal property tax deduction is ONLY for annual taxes based on the value of the property.
This in mind I think, contrary to my Thai friend, that i only have to do the annual tax registration (and insurance) as soon as I'm using it again. So I'd say you're right concerning the insurance, and your friend is right concerning the tax registration! Each insurer determines its own pricing based on some or all of the questions included in the Green Slip Calculator so you will need to answer every question correctly to obtain accurate prices.
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Personal property taxes are taxes you pay on those non-bolted down items every year BASED ON THEIR VALUE. That means if your state or county taxes your car based on weight, you’re not allowed a deduction. This is an Arapahoe county personal property tax statement, so I know that the tax portion is based on the value of the car.
Larimer County¬†says they’re deductible on the Federal return, so if you live there you can take the deduction. For a car it starts at around 1,000 baht (engine up to 2,000cc), average price is about 2,000 baht (for example a Toyota Altis 1.8) but it can go up to 6 to 7,000 baht, for instance for a 4-door pick-up. All those fees are either per person, based on weight, or based on where I live, so they are not deductible. If part of your registration are road fees or public transportation fees based on where you live rather than the value of your car, you’re not allowed a deduction (at least on that part of the registration expense).
If you actually know what it is and what it’s based off of, please let me know in the comments below.

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