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Instant messaging applications (the multi platforms mobile apps) are getting very popular these days. WeChat is not just limited to text messaging (like Whatsapp) but is one step ahead and offers voice and video chat as well. You have different ways to add contacts – that is either search your friend by his phone number, select contact from your address book or connect with Facebook to find friends.
You can also make voice calls and video calls on Wechat application – this is possible only when the other party (person you are calling) supports this feature. Use WeChat emoticons during the chat – click on the smiley button and whole set of smileys will open up. Buy WeChat Emoticons Package – Free ones are good, however some people are fond of smileys. Whether you are from India, USA, UK or any other part of world, you must be making international calls which are very costly. Whatsapp Guess Games – Songs, Dialogues, Movies, ActorsWhatsapp Puzzles and Guessing games are getting really popular these days. Best Media Player for Android Mobiles and TabletsAndroid mobile phones are so popular these days and the screen size is also getting bigger and bigger.
Guess Marwadi Names Puzzle for Whatsapp MessengerHere's another whatsapp puzzle (made of smileys aka emoticons) where you have to guess the Marwadi Names. Messages for iOS is arguably the most-used app on my iPhone: I use it more than Mailbox, more than Camera+, more than Google Maps, and definitely more than Phone.
But the launch of Facebook Home for select Android devices made me realise that the way Messages works is a little archaic.
Chat Heads was just released with the latest Facebook for iOS update, so iOS users will have a chance to use this messaging feature from within the Facebook app itself. In the meantime, I decided to take three third-party text-messaging apps for a run to see if there is something I like using more than Messages – although Apple’s restrictions on SMS and messaging prevent us from ditching the standard app altogether. When you first install WhatsApp, the app will search through your Contacts (if you allow it) to find other WhatsApp users.
Chats shows a log of all of your current chats, and it’s also the place to go if you want to send a new message.
A close second is Kik Messenger, a messaging platform that lets you send notes to other Kik users. Kik requires your name, email address and phone number, along with a username and password to get started. Snapchat is all about picture messaging and, as such, I wouldn’t really consider it as an iMessage replacement. Like the others, Snapchat searches through your contacts to find other Snapchat users, who you can then add to your Friends list one-by-one. What makes Snapchat so different is that the messages self-destruct shortly after they are opened.

While none of these messaging services can truly replace Messages, the experience of sending platform-to-platform messages excels with WhatsApp.
Be it Viber, Whatsapp, Hike or WeChat – all of these are liked by so many people around the globe. In addition to this, WeChat also offers some cool features like Shake, Look Around (to connect with strangers – make new friends). WeChat has lots of feature (like Drift Bottle, Shake, Look Around) which require to access your location and find people near you.
Choose Rebtel as your cheap calls provider (its similar to a calling card and they have mobile application so you can make cheap international calls directly from your mobile). Chat Heads isn’t perfect – I’m certainly not saying that Messages needs to look like Chat Heads in the next version of iOS – but re-evaluating the way Messages functions would be a step in the right direction.
These three apps function in a similar manner: messages are sent over Wi-Fi or data instead of as an SMS, so they don’t require a monthly plan, per-message fee, or the use of a separate phone number (like Google Voice). What I like about WhatsApp is that it sends messages over Wi-Fi and data, much like iMessage does when messaging from Apple device to Apple device. The first, Favourites, is a list of your stored Contacts who also have a WhatsApp account, so you know who you can contact using the app. Tap a conversation to continue chatting in that thread, or start a new message by tapping the box in the top-right corner. It also contains settings for font size, message timestamps, how to handle incoming media, blocking users and setting up a wallpaper.
I enabled Push Notifications, so I get a ping whenever I have an incoming WhatsApp message.
You can capture a new photo or video to send (or pull one from your Camera Reel), send an audio note, share a contact or share location.
I only wish there was a way to integrate the WhatsApp platform and approach with Messages as a whole.
It keeps a log of current chats, notifications of your stored Contacts joining Kik and messages from the Kik Team with info about the app. Kik stores your entire conversation thread, with your messages on the right and your partner’s responses on the left.
If you slide to the left from your main inbox and tap More, you can access a number of additional attachments, like YouTube videos, Reddit Pics, sketches and memes. Here, you can block users from contacting you, pick your Notification preferences and set the colour of your speech bubbles. However, this widely popular app is fun to use and rapidly growing in App Store downloads, so we shouldn’t count it out.
To view an incoming Snap, tap the Push Notification to launch the app, and then tap the inbox icon in the bottom left corner. I toggled this from Everyone to My Friends, because the thought of getting a random photo message from a stranger isn’t my idea of a good time.

Chat logs are easy to view and manage, the checkmarks next to read messages provide peace of mind, and the variety of multimedia message types is a welcome sight.
Text messaging is an integral part of the mobile device experience, and Messages – specifically its integration with iMessage – makes it a joy to use.
Instead of forcing you to close whatever app you’re currently working on in order to launch a separate app to reply to a message, a small bubble appears as an overlay to what you’re working on. That way, I can send text-like mobile messages to friends with any device or any carrier without it eating up my messages limit set by my carrier plan.
Next is Status, which lets you alert your contacts on whether or not it’s a good time to chat.
Messages have a similar layout to iMessages, with a staggering back-and-forth between each exchange.
Tap the speech bubble in the top-right corner to start a new chat or search for other users, or tap an existing conversation to continue the thread. Kik also has a small library of emoticons, if that’s something you’re interested in, and you don’t have the iOS emoji keyboard installed. Take a photo, then add a caption, scribble on it, and set a timer between one and ten seconds. And after the recipient has opened the Snap, he or she only has a few seconds to look at it before it disappears. The problem with these messaging services is that they’re only good based on the number of people who use them – while I can use WhatsApp to message with some of my contacts, I cannot use it as my primary platform, and will never be able to under Apple’s current restrictions. Good thing about WeChat is it is available for almost all mobile platforms – iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry.
More than a review it is a step by step guide on WeChat features (using it on iPad) and with screenshots. Home users are never forced to close one app to launch another, just to send or reply to a text message. Contacts links to your entire contacts list stored in your iPhone; you can tap a contact and send them a WhatsApp invitation if you’d like to encourage more contacts to try the service.
Tap the check box next to the timer control to save the photo to your Camera Reel; there’s no way to pull photos from your Camera Reel to send as a Snap, but you can save photos taken within the app.
When you successfully send a message, you’ll see a small checkmark next to its chat bubble; when you see a second checkmark, it indicates that it has been received and read by your friend on the other side.

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