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It can withstand a 30-minute dip in up to 1 meter (about 3 feet) of water and still come out working and responsive.
The build quality on the S5 is leaps and bounds better than the S4, which makes it a good upgrade if you’re looking for durability in a flagship device.
The fact that you can use the device with confidence even during rainstorms or at the beach is great, compared to the super-thin bezeled S4, which squeaked and creaked under pressure.2. The S5’s display was actually praised by the experts at DisplayMate as the best display┬áthe team has tested. That should result in theory in crisper images and less noise, particularly in challenging lighting conditions. For one, the heart rate monitor is something fitness buffs might find useful, although it’s not comparable with devices that continuously monitor your pulse.

Meanwhile, the fingerprint scanner is the feature that has a bigger potential, especially in terms of security. However, we will have to wait until we get software updates that enable users to enter passwords with a finger swipe.
Devices you should be considering HTC ONE M8, and Sony Xperia Z2 premium quality device for the same price as samsung. God forbid we upset a Samsung user :D Nathan Buffington Listen I use a Nexus not a Samsung but its just a design. On the surface the s5 looks better but when u zoom in the pics there is no comparison with the detail conpared to the g2! Their place in the phone market is on borrowed time unless they do something amazing and different.

This despite the 5S coming out half a year later, and despite many people loving to crow about how their beloved Samsung phones have more RAM, more cores, faster clock speeds etc. Granted, whether you love the look of an OS or not is largely an issue of personal preference (look at how divisive ios7 was), but are people here entirely okay with that?4) I recall a large hoohaa over concerns of privacy and security when it was known that the iPhone 5s was going to include a fingerprint sensor in its phone. People have even advocated allowing 3rd party apps access to the fingerprint scanner API, despite this being a potential security risk (this is the same platform that gave us flashlight apps which track the users’ locations, after all).

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