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Soon after the breach that made 453,000 Yahoo Voice credentials vanish, cyber-crooks started targeting Irish and Brits with an old lottery phishing technique.
When opening the attachment, victims find a phony Yahoo UK & Ireland letter that asks for all sorts of identity theft goodies such as full name, contact address, e-mail, phone and fax number. Computer users who do send their private data never see the EIGHT HUNDRED & TWENTY THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS, but their bank accounts could get cleaned out in a couple of minutes. Though Yahoo Lottery Scams have made it to phishing history books, users are still getting tricked by these old techniques.
This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Ionut Raileanu, Bitdefender Spam Analyst.
Bianca Stanescu, the fiercest warrior princess in the Bitdefender news palace, is a down-to-earth journalist, who’s always on to a cybertrendy story.

You can also save messages to be sent for later, but this tool is still somewhat limited by the fact that the saved message will not go to your Drafts folder, and you can only save one unfinished message at a time.
Users are supposed to send their personal information to pick up the bogus Yahoo prize from a manager registered at rival e-mail service, Gmail. Victims receive an empty e-mail, allegedly coming from a Gmail account of Yahoo prize’s manager. To make the scam look more legit, unwary users are also asked to fill in the batch, reference and winning number included in the letter. The risk of phishing and malware attacks also increases after large data breaches such as the recent Yahoo, LinkedIn, and eHarmony hackings. She’s the industry news guru, who’ll always keep a close eye on the AV movers and shakers and report their deeds from a fresh new perspective.

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