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As we approach the launch of the Sony Xperia Z (C660X) we will no doubt see plenty of camera samples from the device as well as samples compared to other flagships of the day. These comparison shots all confirm that image sensors are still too small, although it would have been nice to have seen a comparison with the PureView 808 or Lumia 920. Sony has led the way for some time in imaging (and sold its sensors to many other manufacturers) but I feel they need to work on the next big step before they’ve overtaken by others.
Just look at the photo into the sun: on the Xperia Z image you can make out what kind of building that is, but the highlights are completely washed out.
I thought I’d implied Nokia too when I mentioned comparing against two of their handsets. I think the camera of the Z produces better colors than iphone5…the green and yellow are somehow washed out with the iphone camera.
If you look closely at Xperia Z’s samples, you will find annoying magenta fringes on the edges. I agree – I also insisted the same, but apparently it comes very close to beating the low end dslrs. I know that tangible things like color accuracy and others matter, but the cellphone is a limited beast. I have a dslr, a superzoom and have owned compact cameras for more than 12 years now, so, i know a thing or two about digital photography. I agree with you at your most issues, I have been doing that both with my phone and camera for a long time.
Starting from pic #1 upper left corner, the iP5 rendered the sky more accurately than the others. In just about every shot where there was some contrast iP5 showed it could better handle bright light against a dark background. Sony Ericsson, XPERIA and X10, and various products names found on this website are trademarks of Sony Mobile Communications AB, unless otherwise noted. Based on the model number of your iPhone, you will be able to identify which iOS firmware file you need to download.

Refer to the table below to find out the identifier for your iPhone so you can figure out which iOS firmware file to download. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. To get the ball rolling, we have a number of camera samples below which compares the Xperia Z against the Apple iPhone 5 and Oppo Find 5. Another factor was the size of the sensor, of course – but are these thinner sensors up to the job? I hope Sony has a big success with it, and gets it to market before the others come along and upstage it! But don’t worry, it will disappear once you apply your favourite instagram effects or just upload the image to your social network. You could match a point and shoot, but even something like a RX100 would murder the 808 in terms of out and out image quality, while being no less pocketable. And as I have red reviews on smartphone cameras on the web and looked at sample pictures, I have got a strong opinion that only Nokia sensors with CZ optic in PureView 808 and Lumia 920 can produce good quality pictures in present time. But the important thing in images is not the megapixel size but rather the less tangible things like noise, color accuracy, white balance, etc. But i think the camera of the Z produces better colors than iphone5…the green and yellow are somehow washed out with the iphone camera.
There’s blooming from the column on the left side due to the fact that the sun is hitting it and creating a harsh contrast with the darker background. The tree on the far right is reproduced in significantly better detail than the rest of the field.
This is again, apparent in the two miniature house shots on the bottom where iP5 clearly nailed the brighter front facade of the house against the darker grassy area. The Xperia Z appears to come out on top in our view, with the HDR function working particularly well in a few shots.
The 808 is good, but it has absolutely trite lenses compared to most dedicated digital cameras.

I am really disapointed in Sony (however its only about phone camera, all other things are pretty good). The other 2 shots have blooming from the lights which is happening because the sensors can’t handle the extremes of really bright lights and a really dark background. The only shot where iP5 failed was on the very last pic on the bottom right where the 8 mp really showed a lot of graininess. These digits are not just random numbers, they are pretty useful such as reporting your iPhone as stolen or tracking your iPhone. Phone camera just getting better and better, but it also means you can’t get the best of it today. That hint of sunlight offers more contrast than either shot and shows the greater dynamic range of the iPhone. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. You can dial this on any phone and your IMEI number will be presented to you.How To Use IMEI NumberYour IMEI number as I mentioned previously is not just a random set of numbers to look at.
This is basically the hub of IMEI numbers, from here your IMEI number gets blacklisted (if you have reported it as stolen) thus making it useless on every carrier in your country.In very rare cases the police and other intelligence agencies can use the data to track your iPhone.
But remember these are very exceptional cases and you might require special privileges to be able to do that. But the thing some people do to retrieve their stolen iPhone’s or other electronic devices is to register in websites such as Immobilise.
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