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The Gateway Arch nbd found on Tiger does not have the Arch drawn so you may be interested in locating the coordinates for yourself.
With GPS technology here to stay, learning how to read a map and using a compass is becoming a lost art.
Maps are excellent for giving you the overview of the area, but can you accurately determine your position? This class will give you the tools necessary for a more confident wilderness travel experience.

Using your newly acquired skills and knowledge, you will put them to the test by navigating a custom course set up to challenge you.
As you navigate to a point, you will be given a new set of coordinates that you will have to accurately translate to the map, plot the direction of travel, and successfully navigate to it. However, using the coordinates in this paragraph, find the Heading (HDG or COG) from where rail road tracks cross Big Bend Blvd. Whether you're a hiker or backpacker, knowing how to use a map and compass is critical for accurate wilderness travel.

At the end of the course you will have new skills that will build your confidence in the outdoors. If you wish not to pay the fee, you can always park somewhere outside the park and walk back to the nature center or ride a bike.

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