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This tool is an easy way to find the MAC address of a local or remote computer on the network.
With Find MAC Address, you can find the MAC address of your or remote computer and also of any computer within the specified range of IP addresses.
The program can not only find the MAC address of a computer, but also detect the manufacturer of its network card.
A MAC address is a unique identifier that is assigned to each physical network interface on a computer.
If your intention is to spoof an address, generating a random MAC address is usually the best bet to avoid any network conflicts. I ran the command on en1, asked for pass, however even after checking both network preferences and the grep ether, still getting old mac address. If you are the one who uses an Android phone then you will now be able to find the MAC address of your Android device which can then be used for various applications out of which the most one is the Mac filtering. Check the bottom of the guide to know how to Find Mac Address of Android Devices for Android Jellybean & KitKat powered devices. That’s it, so in this way you can easily find the Mac address of the WiFi on your Android mobile phone very easily by following the above procedure.
For any Android Jelly Bean or KitKat based smartphones, you might need to go either to that particular Wi-Fi network in the Settings or directly search for the Advanced Wi-Fi settings in the same area, so that you can find the IP Address as well as the MAC Address. I understand that there is a key sequence that pops up the MAC address but i cannot find it. Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic.
A Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment.
You’ll see a list of Physical Addresses, one for each network adapter installed on your computer.
Unlike similar software, Find MAC Address can find the MAC addresses of computers using four methods (ARP, NetBios, NetAPI, WMI, SNMP). After you select one of the four methods and specify the target, you will get all possible information about the MAC addresses.

Different than a computers IP address, MAC addresses are frequently used for network access control and to monitor network connectivity, and they can be spoofed for virtualization needs or to circumvent some network limitations.
You can also retrieve individual IP addresses and MAC addresses together with the ifconfig command, although the output isn’t nearly as user friendly. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
With Find MAC Address, you can find the MAC address of your computer or a remote computer or any computer within a specified range of IP addresses.
Now, in the advance settings, you can see that the MAC Address for your console will be displayed.
As shown in the screenshot below, you need to go to Settings > Wi-Fi, and there if you directly see the Options menu, tap on that and go to Advanced and in the bottom, you will find it. Please comment below with your smartphone model and we will help you find your Android phone Mac Address. Fantastic tip, which gives users a very useful extra layer of security on your wireless router at home.
MAC addresses are most often assigned by the manufacturer of a network interface card (NIC) and are stored in its hardware, the card’s read-only memory, or some other firmware mechanism. In my case I have 3 physical addresses, one for dial-up, one for Ethernet and the last one for my WiFi adapter (ignore those 2 disable entrance because they are virtual graphic cards).
The software can not only find the MAC address of a computer, but also detect the manufacturer of its network card.
If you need to access yours, here’s how to find one from the friendly GUI and the command line.
Unlike similar software, Find MAC Address can find the MAC addresses of computers using four methods (ARP, NetBIOS, NetAPI, WMI). Please note that the Mac address can be found very easily in any Android phone as shown in the below procedure. If assigned by the manufacturer, a MAC address usually encodes the manufacturer’s registered identification number and may be referred to as the burned-in address.
In this moment, I’m using my WiFi network for the internet connection so I can say that my second physical address (MAC) corresponds to it because, as you can see, the other two adapters are disconnected.

MAC Address is basically nothing but the unique hardware address of any Wireless or any Ethernet capable device. Well, there are a few situations when this information can be helpful, for example, if you want to allow network access to only certain device, you might want to white-list those devices by MAC address on your router.
It may also be known as an Ethernet hardware address (EHA), hardware address or physical address. This way when you connect your device to your network, your router will cross-check the MAC address with the white-list before allowing it to access your network.Another example is that you might want to know more information about your network card(s).
With Find MAC Address, you will easily find the MAC address of any computer on the network! Type ifconfig and press Enter.You should see a list of network interfaces associated with your Mac computer.
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