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4.3 I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, The screen is non-responsive and displays nothing, is there a way via USB I can access the phone remotely from my computer?
2 Luckily if you have a note device (Note, Note2, Note3, Note4) or any note device you do have a pen. 3 As you can see I don't have a pattern unlock on the screen like I did before and I can't see my entire screen because part of it is completely dark. 2 I recommend you turn this setting on because if someone steals your device they can no longer wipe or reset the device.
Follow the "Use Samsung Kies to backup data on your Galaxy S5" section of the article that can be accessed by clicking this link: "How to back up data on Samsung GALAXY S5".
If you have problems with any of these steps, ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.

Can I help you with your problem about "Unlock a Samsung Galaxy Note Phone when Your Screen Is Broken"?
I had a big problem because I could not get into the device and I am sure you are here for the same reason.
If you get a message that your phone is locked, you may press the power button and swipe the bottom of the screen down. Can not see anything, though I can hear my text, the phone connects to Bluetooth in my car. If it is not working, open the Find My Mobile service, log in with your Samsung details, choose your device. I have Samsung Kies on my laptop BUT of course I can't back it up without unlocking the phone which I can't get access to.

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Am I going to be able to save my information on the phone that will not be saved on my Google backup that I also have activated on the phone?.

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