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Samsung's Find My Mobile Service has vulnerabilities that allow an evildoer to lock, unlock, and ring the device remotely. These include registering a personal guardian, SIM change alert, call logs, and the "wipe my device," "unlock my screen," "locate my device," "ring my device," and "lock my device" functions. However, a serious vulnerability was found in the Samsung feature, which allows hackers to use the same tool in locking the device remotely and setting a chosen pass code.
The vulnerability issue revolves around the remote control system of Samsung mobile devices.
Mohamed Baset, a security researcher from Egypt, also warns users of the exploit on the service, which allows evildoers to remotely ring, lock or wipe their Samsung mobile device. It should be remembered that by merely accessing the app called "Galaxy App," an automatic download of "Samsung Billing" and "Samsung In-App purchase" is triggered. Smart Switch lets you transfer Photos, Contacts, Messages, Music, Clips, and more from your old compatible smartphone to your new compatible Samsung device. Samsung Kies connects your mobile phone to your PC, making it easier for you to synchronize data between devices and find new apps.

Samsung has this great feature named as “Find My Mobile” that allows its users to control device remotely if it is stolen or missing. Once you have successfully enabled remote controls feature, you can follow the following steps to find or even control the mobile in case it is stolen or missing. You can use ring my device feature by selecting the option from the main menu screen and then clicking on the Ring button. Note: The screens may vary, depending on the device you’re accessing the Find My Mobile Service on. The most disturbing aspect is that the service can be disrupted easily since it doesn't require any process of authentication. If the user merely opens the "Samsung Hub" app, it leads the "Samsung Push Service" to download automatically. At present, the only way for one to deal with the issue is to turn off the Find My Mobile feature.
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Press OK and do not forget to log out of the account immediately after using it so that no one else can misuse it. Your device will ring for 60 seconds on maximum volume, making it easier for you to find its location if it is present somewhere near you. We value your privacy and we will never sell or distribute your email or personal data to third party advertisers. Unfortunately, this feature is available only if you have enabled it on your device, which needs to be done manually. Find My Mobile feature not only allows you to track the device location, but also lets you ring a bell on it if it is missing. To learn how to set up your Samsung Android phone for the Find My Mobile service, click here.

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