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In this post, we’ll be exploring the first things you should be doing with your phone as a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 owner. Because your smartphone holds a heap ton of personal information, your first act of business should be securing your phone. Now that your phone is secure and you’ve effectively guaranteed nobody will make it past your lockscreen, now would be a good time to set up your lockscreen with some helpful contact information. Samsung kinda threw everyone for a loop when they introduced their new Settings layout for the Galaxy S5.
Probably the most important part of your phone’s user interface is the notification area. The Toolbox is a floating button of sorts that when enabled, can give you shortcuts to apps you use often. With NFC, you can tap 2 phones together (providing it too is NFC-enabled), send photos via Bluetooth, or pair your phone to something like a Bluetooth speaker, even make purchases at 7-Eleven using your phone (providing you’ve set up Tap and Pay with Google Wallet or alternative payment methods). I talked about this briefly in my Galaxy S5 rant, but one thing some users might notice when using the phone is a slight amount of lag when opening apps. Out of the box, your Samsung Galaxy S5 features a short cut to quickly open up S Voice, Samsung’s own virtual voice assistant app.
Not only do we never feel the need to quickly access S Voice (you can always find it in your app drawer), but it can actually slow your roll. You can do this simply by opening up the S Voice application, going into its settings by clicking the 3-dot menu in the upper right. Altogether, these are pretty extreme measure to simply squeeze a little bit of extra battery life from your phone.
Instead, options like restricting performance and grayscale mode will allow you to use your phone as normal, while ensuring your Galaxy S5 is using only a minimal amount of battery while being used. Because even LED lights can drain your smartphone’s battery, turning off the LEDs that light up the multitasking and back buttons could help conserve precious juice. When you first get your phone, we’re sure the first thing you noticed was that intense lockscreen.
Simply jump into your Settings app, scroll down to Motions and gestures and turn off everything you don’t think will be very beneficial to you.
Google+ will store an unlimited amount of photos at 2048 pixels wide (roughly 3MP in size). And that should pretty cover everything you should do as a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 owner. For the Latest News of the Samsung Galaxy S5, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
Recently we covered some great applications which allows you to track and find your lost android phones. But if you are the Samsung Galaxy Mobile user then you don’t have to install all these anti theft applications on your device. Go to you Samsung Galaxy Android phone settings page and add Samsung Account on your Account settings page. Once the Samsung Account is setup on your device you are ready to track your device for then Samsung website. With the Remote control feature of the Find My Mobile web application you can locate your device on the Map, Send a sound alert on the device with a message, Lock your Galaxy Device with the pass code, wipe all your saved data remotely and retrieve all your latest call logs on your PC.
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With the newest addition to the galaxy s line, samsung has decided to ditch the roman numerals. Ifixit - samsung galaxy s4 cracked front glass replacement: replace your broken glass and restore your samsung s4 back to normal again. The galaxy s4 powerful phone debut 2013, means ’ capable competing newest devices . Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Samsung got some flak for implementing a region lock for the Galaxy Note 3 in some regions but the reactivation lock which is showcased here is a good thing and could effectively turn the device as good as a brick, in case of a theft. So in case someone tries to reset the device, the phone will ask for the Samsung account password to proceed with a factory reset. You should try accessing your Samsung account from a desktop PC to see if the credentials are correct. 6) When download is complete goto screen where it was showing abnormal factory reset then enter your samsung account. If the Samsung sign in doesn’t come up, go to install the language, and then report the install on the app store. With a fancy new user interface usually comes hundreds of software features and you may not have the slightest clue where to start.
Whether you want to do that with a password (high security), pin (medium security), or pattern, the Samsung Galaxy S5 makes this process a little less painful with the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner in the home button. This will ensure that, in the event you ever lose your phone, a good Samaritan will have all the info they need to contact and return it to you safely. Useful for quickly jumping to apps without even having to visit your homescreen, this too can be custom tailored to suit your tastes. When turned on, you can quickly summon the Toolbox by simply long pressing the back key on your phone. A TouchWiz feature that allows you to use 2 applications simultaneously, this too will take some setting up for maximum effectiveness. Located on the back of your smartphone, there’s a tiny chip that is only activated when in very close proximity to a reader.
Just make sure that once you turn NFC on, don’t forget to also turn on Android Beam and S Beam for full functionality. Because the app is sorta redundant, you may want to stick with Google Search which we’ve found to work better all around (executed by long pressing the home button). For instance, by default, power saving mode goes all out, blocking background data, slowing down performance (making the phone slower when scrolling through menus), and finally, can make your phone display only grayscale (black and white). Because of the amount of messaging applications that rely on background data to function — apps like Hangout, Facebook Messenger, Kik, etc. I mean, you don’t need color or a silky smooth UI to chat with friends or send a tweet, right? One of the coolest parts about the Galaxy S5 is they actually give you the ability to turn them off. What that also means is if you use a black background on your lock screen, your phone only has to light up the time, date, and other small text. While some are kinda neat, we found that we didn’t actually need any of these to further the enjoyment of our phone. If you don’t want your quality to suffer at all, you can always store them at full size, but that will eat into your Google Drive storage (about 15GB when you include Gmail).

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but we think we covered most of the basics. Most of these application are free to use and available for all the android devices, all you have to install a android application on your device and register a account with application to find your lost Android. Your Galaxy device has the inbuilt feature which allows you to track your Galaxy Mobile from the Samsung web site. Visit Samsung Website here and login the site with your Samsung account username and password that you created on your Galaxy Mobile phone. A nice way to find your lost Galaxy android device easily with this Samsung application and no need to install any third party application on your PC or your android device.
The reactivation lock can be activated when you setup the Galaxy Note 3 or can turn it on anytime from the security menu in settings after the first setup.
This will ensure you can easily unlock your phone using 1 hand, instead of 2 like in Samsung’s demo. With so many options, it’s worth taking a minute to set up this portion of your Galaxy S5. When the shortcut is enabled (executed by pressing the home button twice), your phone will always wait for a second key press, every time you simply want to return to your home screen. Instead, we found that turning them off, while unproven, should help battery life, even if only slightly. During the small set up process, you’ll be asked if you want to back up your photos to Google+. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks post, detailing all the cool things you can do with your shiny new Galaxy S5. But if the application is not installed on your device then its impossible for you to track your lost or stolen device.
We all know that the Samsung Galaxy phone comes with some inbuilt application, to use these applications on your device you have to create a free Samsung Account. At this time it will ask you to login with your username and password, if you don’t have the account with them than you can create a free account with them. And below that you can see some features such as Locate my mobile, Lock my mobile, Ring my mobile, Call logs and more. Reactivation lock basically tries to thwart unsolicited attempts to reset the device to factory settings.
Some might not even notice the delay, but for those looking to increase the speed and responsiveness of their $600 investment, just turn the dang shortcut off.
I mean, your Galaxy S5 watching to see if your eyes are looking at the display has got to eat up some battery, no matter how minimal. So if you have the registered Samsung Account then you can locate you lost phone with the help of your computer. Don’t forget that you register up to 3 fingerprints, so feel free to register more prints using the 2-handed method as well. This way if you lose your phone (or move onto a new one) all of your photos and videos will be securely tucked away in the cloud.

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