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A part from the flat feet and scoliosis I have always had, which eventually put paid to my dreams of being a ballet dancer, I was fortunate enough to dodge illness and incapacity for many years. Now, at the age of 78, I thank my lucky stars that, until 70, I had enjoyed a life of reasonably good health.
Although I have been on medication for Parkinson’s disease for the past five years, I still enjoy reasonably good health, and my medication has not had to be increased by more than half a tablet. On my tentative walks beside the river near my home, I have been known to stagger to within inches of the rushing water, unable to stop myself, and can sense the tut-tuts from passers-by who obviously assume I must be drunk.
Before Parkinson’s reared its exasperating head, I travelled to London in 1991 to attend a family party for my 70th birthday.

On my flight back to Zurich, I suddenly felt very peculiar, and by the time the plane landed, I was too ill to stand. You can also type the name or number of the product you are looking for in the search box and get quick access to product information.
Of course, being somewhat incapacitated is a source of great irritation, but it has its lighter moments too. I toppled forward hitting the side of my head against the sharp corner of a door frame with amazing accuracy.
I had been feeling unwell for a number of weeks, and although I managed to get through the party without disgracing myself, I was relieved to leave London the following day.

My companion and I sometimes find ourselves laughing helplessly, overcome with mirth at the bizarre occurrences that result­usually -from the medication itself.
I have been known to fling my dinner through the air like a toddler having a tantrum, and to carefully pour my morning tea onto the carpet instead of down my throat. Sometimes, I cannot hear my phone calls and wonder why the connection is so bad -until it is pointed out to me that I am holding the receiver upside down.

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