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Find out how to report a lost or stolen card or ways to order replacement cards if yours is damaged or due to expire. For security reasons, we do not keep a record of your PIN on our system so we therefore can't tell you what your PIN is over the phone. Once you are certain the card is lost, simply call us back and have the card cancelled permanently, or if you find the card, call us to have the temporary hold removed.
Once your new card has arrived - you can activate your card and choose your own PIN straight away via online banking. If I find my card after I have reported it lost, can I keep using it instead of getting a new card?
Unfortunately not, as once you card has been reported lost or stolen it cannot be reactivated.
If you shop online using your Bankwest debit or credit card, then you’ll get extra security with SMS code at sites that display the MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa logos.
If an SMS code is required, then you’ll next see the screen below once you have entered your credit card details. As long as we have your Australian mobile number, then you will be automatically registered for SMS code as soon as you activate a new MasterCard debit or credit card. If you are not receiving your SMS code, please check that your mobile phone is switched on, that your SMS inbox is not full and that you have reception. If a stronger, identity check is required, then everyone will see the screen below once the credit card details have been entered.
If we have an Australian mobile number recorded for any cardholder then they will be automatically registered for SMS code.
Our range of credit cards can be used in over 33 million locations worldwide (wherever you see the MasterCard® logo) providing you with a hassle-free way for making purchases and accessing money when travelling overseas.
Using your PIN, you can also use your card to make cash withdrawals of up to $1,000 per day ($1,500 per day for Platinum cardholders) from any ATM in Australia, and over 1 million ATMs worldwide that display the MasterCard® logo. Our range of Debit MasterCards can be used in over 33 million locations worldwide (wherever you see the MasterCard® logo) creating an easy and hassle-free way for making payments and accessing money when travelling overseas. You do have ATM access to the cash in your everyday transaction account with a Debit MasterCard while overseas.
You can make cash withdrawals of up to $1,000 per day at over 1 million ATMs worldwide that display the MasterCard logo.
On some occasions devices that you swipe or insert your card into may have a fault at their end or simply may not read your card.
If you have a Debit MasterCard® or a regular debit card your new card will be issued 30 days before your old one expires. If you have a credit card and it’s due to expire, your new one will be issued during the last week of the month before your old card expires. Yes, the expiry date of your new card will need to be updated with any direct debit authority that you have arranged to ensure future transactions are processed successfully. We're committed to ensuring that you know exactly what our fees are, why we charge them and how they can be minimised or even avoided. We recommend you check your receipts and any direct debit agreements and ask your Additional Cardholder(s) if the transaction is theirs.

MasterCard has introduced a program called Quick Payment Service (QPS) which eliminates the need for cardholders to sign or enter a PIN when making a transaction of $35 or less at participating merchants.
In Australia, payment terminals are being progressively upgraded to support chip processing. Makes you feel more secure, because your card does not have to leave your hand during a transaction.
Bankwest is progressively introducing contactless payments on our MasterCard credit card range from March 2011. The lights on the reader will turn green and the reader will display a message confirming your transaction has been successful. Remember, if your wallet is lost or stolen your cash is gone, however if your contactless card is lost or stolen, with MasterCard's Zero Liability protection you are covered from the costs of unauthorised transactions as long as you do everything you can to protect yourself from fraud.
You can keep other contactless cards near your Bankwest MasterCard without any disruption to the functionality. While standard credit card fees will apply, you won't be charged any additional fees for a contactless transaction. Contactless payments are a permanent feature of your MasterCard credit card and cannot be turned off.
Can I use my card at retailers that accept MasterCard but don't have contactless terminals?
Yes, however you will need to swipe or insert your card depending on the capabilities of the terminal. Yes, you can still swipe or insert your card and choose to sign or enter a PIN if you don't wish to complete a contactless payment. You will be asked to enter your full 16 digit card number and date of birth in the DDMMYYYYformat. PIN and contactless will soon become the only way to make purchases using your Bankwest Debit or Credit card at your favourite places to shop, entertain or unwind in Australia. This makes it harder for somebody else to try and make any payments using your account details. All you need to do is click SMS me now and we’ll send an SMS code via text to your mobile. We’ll automatically register you for SMS code so you can access better security when you shop online. Plus, with any Bankwest Platinum MasterCard we will waive your foreign exchange fees giving you dollars back in your pocket to spend on your holiday! MasterCard will work with us to ensure you have access to a replacement card or cash for the rest of your trip. If you know your card is due to expire around the same time as you plan on travelling, we will need to issue you a new card prior to the expiry date to ensure you have access to your funds whilst overseas. This is because when you set up regular payments from this card you would have given your BSB and account number, not the card number to debit from. The merchant then submits a claim for the funds and once this has been received, the merchants name will appear next to the transaction.
Your card has all the same benefits as a magnetic stripe credit card but with one major difference.

So to ensure you can transact anywhere you go, your chip card also comes with a magnetic stripe. This enhances the security of credit card transactions and helps protect your credit card from fraudulent usage. As more retailers update their terminals to the new chip terminals, there will be slight changes to the way the process works. If your card is damaged and stops working please contact Bankwest on 13 17 19 to organise a replacement. Thanks to its secure encryption technology, a contactless payment is as safe as your usual card.
You will need to remove the card to perform a transaction and touch the contactless reader. Transperth's contactless payment system will not be able to detect which plastic to use due to both cards having an antenna. You can choose not to complete a contactless transaction you can still swipe or insert your card. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
Today is only the 10th working day since you paid the full amount so this order on time for delivery.
When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated.
If you do not select your own PIN online a new PIN will be sent to you in the mail within 8 working days from receiving your credit card.
Grab the 6 digit code in the text and retype this in the enter SMS code box and click submit.
If they aren’t registered for SMS code then they will still be able to complete their purchase.
The secure chip provides greater security because it is more difficult to fraudulently copy the details of your card. The chip contains security data and software that ensures every transaction you make is extensively authenticated.
All you do is 'tap' your card on the contactless reader, wait for the green light and then 'go'.
These include fast-food restaurants, petrol stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, movie theatres and more. Customers can still choose to either swipe or insert your card and enter your PIN for overseas transactions. And because your card never leaves your hand when you make a payment, you're always in control.

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