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In order to facilitate your application for PAN card, the income-tax department of government of India has released four volumes of excel files, containing the right AO codes for different areas in India.
You can know the AO code simply by logging to NSDL site here and at the bottom of the page, the AO codes are listed city wise.
After entering your AO Code, you will have to enter the Captcha and it will display all your AO Code, Type and other details. A Pan card can be obtained either through UTITSL or by applying online on the Income Tax Website. Contacting the Income Tax Department- The applicant can contact the IT department that is applicable using the acknowledgement number. Tracking the Pan Card status online – He can either visit the UTITSL website or the website of Government of India’s Income tax department. There was a time when tracing the status was difficult, as you were entirely at the mercy of the postal department. Acknowledgement number- it is a 15 digit number allotted to you after three days since you have filed your application. If you have applied online, then you should provide the 15 digit transaction number that was allotted to you during the time of submission. On entering the required details, the page containing your present status will be displayed. The number once allotted cannot be changed, although in case of theft or loss, a duplicate card can be availed. Credit Card Processing Blog provides articles about credit card processing, industry news, insights, and best practices from merchant services experts.
Every valid bank card features a number of security elements that are designed to enable merchants to verify the card’s authenticity. If your organization is a larger one, the management should develop a procedure for verifying cards and train the sales staff on implementing it in every transaction.
MasterCard allows its card issuing banks some flexibility with the placement of the MasterCard hologram (on the cards’ front or back), permit the use of holographic magnetic tape and supports vertical card designs.
Account numbers are embossed (15 digits), with no alterations and spaced in 4, 6 and 5 digits.
The 4 digit Card Identification Number (CID) is printed above the embossed account number on the right or left of the card and cannot be scratched off. Some cards have a hologram of the American Express image embedded into the magnetic stripe. The printed account number must match the embossed number on the front of the card and the sales receipt.
If any of these card security features are absent or look altered, keep the card in your possession and make a Code 10 call to your processor’s authorization center for instructions on how to proceed with the transaction. Stay up-to-date on the latest and join more than 100,000 people who get fresh content from UniBul!

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The purpose behind AO Code is whenever you apply for PAN card, you need to mention AO Code in your application.
You can get the description about assessing officer from the previous income-tax return filed by you in the past years. The use of AO code begins right when you apply for the PAN card and even in the tax returns, which you file from time to time. Pan which is also called as Pan Access Number is an identification number allotted to each individual. After the process of verification is finished positively the number is allotted, to the applicant. Everyone who accepts card payments in a face-to-face environment should educate themselves on where these features are located and how they should look. The process should only take a few seconds and there is no reason not to take advantage of these security features while waiting for an authorization response. The signature panel is located on the back of the card and contain an element that repeats the name of the card brand (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, etc.). The card security code (CVV2, CVC 2 or CID, depending on the brand) is a three-digit number that is located either in a white box to the right of the signature panel, or in a white box within the signature panel.
The card brands use unique three-dimensional holograms that can be placed on the back or front of the cards.
The Visa and MasterCard brand logos must appear in the bottom right, top left, or top right corner. The account numbers of all Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards are comprised of 16 digits and for American Express the number is made up of 15 digits. The cardholder name is usually located in the bottom left corner of cards of all brands, however the field may be blank on some cards. If the presented card is unsigned, request a photo ID with signature and request your customer to sign the card and sales receipt while you hold the ID. Some Discover cards may display a hologram on the front of the card with a globe pierced by an arrow. The last four digits of Discover’s card number are also displayed within the signature panel, in reverse indent printing.
The three-digit CID is printed in a separate box, immediately to the right of the signature panel on the back of the card. Located to the left of the expiration date, it indicates the month and year in which the account was open.
Tambem compartilhamos suas informacoes de uso do nosso site com parceiros de midia social, publicidade e analise. When you are going to submit form 15G  or 15H then you will need to provide the AO Code, Type and other details.

When your tax return gets processed, the income-tax officer of that particular area or range does this assessment and without the proper mention of correct AO code, the assessment of your tax return might get displaced and go to a different area or jurisdiction.
Suppose your city is Bhubaneswar, click on the letter “B” and then you can find the city ‘Bhubaneswar’ in the list. This helps the Income Tax Department of India to keep a track of all the number holders financial transactions. The details and the laminated card is then dispatched to his address mentioned on the application. If it has been dispatched, get the consignment number and inquire at the concerned courier service or the local post office.
Encoded in the magnetic stripe is a unique three-digit code used to detect counterfeit cards.
Portions of the account number may also be present on the signature panel of all valid Visa, Discover and MasterCard cards. As would be expected, there are some unique features, along with the more conventional ones and I’ve listed all of them below. However, if the back of the card displays a holographic magnetic stripe, there is no hologram on the front. Parece que esta destinada a produzir um mundo encantado, um faz de contas com historias que terminam sempre com um final feliz. As an applicant, you might search such information from the related information given by the income-tax department. Some AmEx cards have a hologram of the American Express image that is embedded into the magnetic stripe. Unembossed cards may display the account number and expiration date printed flat on the front.
Princesas, animaizinhos, seres feios que se tornam encantadores… Escolha seu desenho preferido da Disney para imprimir e colorir. This way the Income Tax Department can keep a vigil and control over undisclosed or unregulated transactions of the holder. The security codes are used in non-face-to-face transactions to verify that the cardholder is in possession of the card, but you should check and verify that the number is present on the card.
This is mandatory for NRI, Overseas Indians and Passport Holders for all financial transaction carried out in India.

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