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This website is a social network that includes a wide range search people criteria in order to more easily found. General People search, this is the direct search by typing in keywords query to their name, first name or last name, or you can also choose the alphabetic index provided to easily explore. Congregations, where you can search for location address of the churches in America based on the states or look it up by name. High Schools, similar to Congregations, but these search criteria based on their high school.
With some of the search query techniques, making MyLife as one of the best online tool I’ve ever found, especially in searching people by area code, I can easily find my friends and see who was looking for my online profile.
If you choose a phone number from the results shown above, then you will seeing the search filter results of list people by displaying their phone number, name, and address.
Worth noting that the search results by the area code query above will only displaying a list of people who have registered as a member in mylife. This works is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. There are many sites on the Internet that can allow you to find out who a phone number belongs to. Once you get the Google Phonebook website in this manner, you can now use it for searching for most of the U.S.
You can enter the phone number in the format “(123) 456 7890” or in the format “123-456-7890” or in the format “123 456 7890” (this is dummy number).
Of course, you can also use the Google Phonebook to search with name of a person to get his phone number.

Here are some other websites that can help you to get the name and address of a person if you search for the phone number. Reverse Phone Lookup services are highly useful, especially if you want to investigate and track down the name and address related to consistent prank callers, or even finding out the owner of a missed personal or business call. Therefore, to makes search easier, firstly you need to select the zip code range based on figures provided.
This search method you can easily find your old-school friends or just look for alumni in a certain school. MyLife categorize this area code based on the first three digits ie 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, and 900; choose one that best matches by clicking on the area code. Both are combined by mylife, so this app can help you reconnect with the people who have helped you develop into the person you are today. He loves to play with free and open source software and works with it as a part of his hobby. That means, you know a particular phone number and want to find out details of the person who owns that phone number. Another advantage of Google Phonebook is that you’ll also get a link to Google Map for the exact location of the address of the person who owns the searched phone number. On doing so, the first search result itself may display the Google Phonebook entry for that phone number with the name and address of the person who owns that phone number.
The personal identifying information available on this website is derived from Public Records, Publicly Available Information and Commercial Records.
This website gets the information from the (i) Publicly Available Information Sources, (ii) Third-Party Data Suppliers, and (iii) Member-Published Listings.

There are more than 200 cities that allows you to filter them to get the exact results, and you can explore it by states or provinces in the U.S. Next, you will see a page displaying all the list of phone numbers starting with the area code you selected earlier.
This feature can be used for searching even the international phone numbers, by also adding the country code number, etc. So, you may get information about the names of persons owning the phone number searched, as well as their addresses, street names, cities, states and ZIP codes. For example, if you choose the area code 301, it will show the result (301) 706-XXXX, (301) 707-XXXX, (301) 708-XXXX, …, and so on where XXXX is a four digit random number 0-9 undisclosed. While it may be easier to find out the details of the owner of a landline phone number, it is generally difficult to find details of the owner of a particular cell phone or mobile phone number.
Moreover, while some such services on the Internet making this information available are free, some others may be on payment basis. However, to my knowledge, Google does not provide a direct link to its website for Google Phonebook. Still, it is possible to reach Google Phonebook by knowing the URL to a web page for searching a known person’s phone number on Google Phonebook.

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