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What is Transport for Ireland?The National Transport Authority will develop the Transport for Ireland name as a “one stop shop” for public transport information.
Access Real Time information by using our on-street signsThere are approximately 500 signs in the Greater Dublin Area and around 50 signs in Cork. Access Real Time information by using your mobile phoneYou can access Real Time Information by using the Dublin Bus Android or iPhone Apps or by using the Dublin Bus Mobile Website.
Search by Bus Route: If you want to search by Bus Route, simply enter the number of the route you want, say the number 14, and click ‘Go’. Search by Bus Stop Address: If you don’t know your bus stop number yet, you can search by entering a street address into the bar and clicking ‘Go’.
Search by Map: Finally, you can select this button to search for a bus stop by using the map.
When you select a bus stop – what happens then?The results page shows you the bus routes using the stop as well as the destination of each bus and the predicted time of each bus within the next hour. SMSYou can also get the time of the next 4 buses from any bus stop on the Dublin Bus network directly to your mobile phone. API’sThe National Transport Authority intends to make an API available when the multi-operator web service is launched.
How does the bus arrival information system work?Buses must be equipped with an Automatic Vehicle Location transmitter, which can track the bus, using a Global Positioning System (GPS). How accurate is the information?The National Transport Authority is committed to providing the most accurate service possible. The Dublin Bus Network carries, on an average week day, approximately 400,000 passengers, on a fleet of 1,000 buses, stopping at approximately 5,000 stops. Unanticipated problems such as a road closure or a mechanical problem can sometimes affect bus services. Occasionally a fault may occur in communications between the central server and the on-bus equipment. Automatic Vehicle Location equipment is a new technology on the Dublin Bus fleet and, as with any new software system, some fine-tuning may be required. Occasionally software updates may be required – Dublin Bus is currently implementing the Network Direct project, which means that services and schedules are changing and information is being updated regularly. Why does the waiting time increase or stay at the same time for a number of minutes sometimes?Real time information predicts the expected time of arrival by knowing where the bus is currently located.
How do blind people access the information?The SMS text service was developed to work with text to speech programmes.
Why were some bus stops selected for signs and not others?Sign locations are based on where they will provide information to the greatest number of bus passengers, and to include as many main routes as possible. The number of bus services and the number of existing and potential passengers using the stops each day. Proximity to major transport interchanges.Unfortunately, there can’t be an information sign at every stop, and even some qualifying bus stops will not have an associated on-street sign. Who is responsible for this service?The Real Time Passenger Information service has been developed by Dublin City Council on behalf of the National Transport Authority.

How much did the Real Time Bus Arrival System Cost?The total cost for the system to be established for 5 cities is estimated to cost €6.5m. Bilingual Real Time Passenger ServiceThe Authority is working with Dublin City Council and the bus operators to prepare a bus stop database in Irish which can be displayed within the 19 characters available on the signs. The route 90 service is not showing on the signs?The route 90 bus is not appearing on the 2 RTPI signs it stops at because the route 90 services are operated by extra buses which are only allocated on the day. Alongside real time passenger information, the National Transport Authority has developed a National Intermodal Journey Planner and is delivering the Integrated Ticketing project. In order to locate a bus stop, zoom down to the smallest level where all bus stops are displayed.
We are monitoring the service and we would appreciate your feedback using the form on this website. Your bus could arrive right at the time shown, or, it could occasionally get stuck in traffic.
This is because the cost of providing the signs at a particular location may be much greater than normal due to the nature of the actual site or the works which would be required. The service is delivered in co-operation with Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann, which is responsible for the roll out of the automatic vehicle location system and the real time arrival predictions for its buses. Annual costs will also apply for example, with communication systems and for software maintenance and updates.
This included all 5000 bus stops and all destinations, this work took some time to complete. The Ireland (Eire) telephone country code is 353, but Northern Ireland is regarded as part of the UK, so its phone country code is 44 with an area code of 28.
Business Name or Category City, State or ZIP Area Code + Phone Number Popular Categories The Extreme Pizza Dublin location offers pizza delivery, subs, salads, sandwiches, buffalo wings, & food delivery. These services will make it easier for public transport users, including visitors to Ireland, to access information on all aspects of travel, such as timetables, real time information and journey planners.
In order to move to a different area either pan around the map or zoom back out, and then zoom back in to display the bus stops. Unlike trains or trams, buses move in various directions, they stop more often and are subject to traffic congestion or disruptions.
In such cases, Dublin Bus Inspectors sometimes need to make a short notice change to scheduled bus services and it may not always be possible to reflect this on individual signs. Because of this the arrival time at the bus stop could sometimes change back and forward accordingly. However, all 5,000 Dublin Bus stops will be included on the website and SMS phone services when launched.
The service will be launched in other cities across Ireland, and the National Transport Authority is working to ensure that Bus Eireann and other public transport operators are included in the future. The work is due to be complete by the end of October and will allow us to implement the change to bilingual on street signs in the coming weeks. What is Real Time Passenger Information?Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) will show you when your bus is due to arrive at your bus stop so you can plan your journey more accurately.

After selecting a bus stop from the map, a separate window opens for that bus stop listing the next departures. You can refine your selection at busier stops by including your route number, so text ‘bus stop number’, space, followed by your ‘route number’ to 53035. When the number of stops are compared to LUAS (49 stops) and DART (31 stops), the extent and complexity of Dublin’s Bus system can be seen. This service aims to provide the most immediate and accurate information to the waiting passenger at any point in time.
Dublin City Council managed the procurement of the signs and software system, and it is also co-ordinating the installation of the signs in the Greater Dublin Area.The National Transport Authority would like to acknowledge Dublin City Council, who have taken on this role as part of its commitment to existing and new public transport users. Clare, the software supplier is ACIS.Value for money – Dublin Bus carried 119 million passengers in 2010.
Due to the number of bus stops within our network it may take a little for all the  information to load on the map. Updates are usually received from the vehicle location system at 30 second intervals, so information on the signs is regularly updated. With such an extensive bus system, technical problems or operational disruptions can sometimes occur. The National Transport Authority, established in 2009, has responsibility for contracting and securing the provision of public passenger transport services for the travelling public, including information services. From the Irish Republic you can dial 048 for Northern Ireland landline access (may also be dialed as an international call to the UK using 004428 ).
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