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SummaryLow cost data in 40+ countriesGlobalgig offers a great solution for data-weary travellers.
2) Using your SIM or hotspot overseasFor data to flow through your SIM the APN has to be correctly. If you are a new customer to the Globalgig roaming service, enter your details (email and  what password you would like), then click 'Continue'. Note that you have to enable roaming on your phone to connect to the data network, and also make sure the correct APN is set. Select 'Create APN' It will then take you to a new screen (in settings) where you need to select 'Install'If you have a passcode on your phone (ie auto-lock screen), it will then ask for the passcode.

Also had a few people ask about what happens if you try to use WhatsApp (a data messaging app), when you have the GlobalGig SIM in. In busy periods, our unlocking process may take up to 48 hours but in our average day of processing orders, it usually less than 24. Due to the recent legislation passed by the Library of Congress for the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), we are forbidden to unlock devices that were manufactured on January 26th, 2013 and later.
We will not be held liable for unknowingly unlocking a device that was made from this date onwards.
For me this took about 30 minutes before it came through (there have been a few reports, sometimes the email notifying that the SIM is active doesn’t come through, but the SIM is active).

What most people find convenient is to upgrade to overseas plans when travelling and revert to a domestic plan in between.
Realistically it takes about 1-2 minutes to do this, and all the amount of screenshots are probably a bit of 'overkill' but I thought I would make this as easy as possible even for the novice!
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