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Just a couple of days ago I received three emails asking how to get rid of the wireless charging notification sound on the Samsung Galaxy S5.
The Home screen is supposed to be the page that contains all widgets or shortcuts that you often use.
Fortunately, you can easily hide My Magazine from the Home screen and even disable it to prevent the app from running in the background and use up RAM or add to the burden of the processor.
Perhaps, Samsung developers already anticipated that My Magazine would become more of an annoyance than anything else that's why owners can disable it at will unlike other bloatware.
If you are not satisfied with the default Home screen layout on your new Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone, then you can manage the Home screen and customize it the way you want. Here's a simple guide for you to refer to, just in case you need assistance in personalizing the Home screen of your Galaxy Alpha. After you purchased a new Samsung Galaxy device -- smartphone or tablet, including the Galaxy Tab S, from a participating retailer, you will be given exclusive access to movie, music or fitness content, as well as meaningful rewards for the world's leading brands that would make your Galaxy Tab S experience even more enjoyable and productive.
Among the Galaxy Gifts (exclusive) items you can get would include news and a wide range of productivity applications, for free on your Galaxy device. This is just a simple tutorial on how to add and delete widgets or shortcuts as well as change both the Home screen and Lock screen wallpapers in your new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The steps are pretty straightforward and if you were already acquainted with Android system, you can do these steps with your eyes close.
You can customize the Home screen in the Galaxy Note 4 and the most common thing you can do is add widgets or shortcuts to it.

Unlike other articles that tell you to disable a bunch of features in your phone, this post will tell you what shouldn't do to prevent Galaxy S5 from overheating.
In an attempt to offer some help, we came up with this troubleshooting guide.You may refer to this content, to troubleshoot issues on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Bluetooth function. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 only has 5 screen locks to choose from: Swipe, Pattern, PIN, Password, and Fingerprint. Some owners said they just woke up one day and their phone started to act crazy while others said they were getting errors here and there. I spent a few days researching on topics related to the Samsung Galaxy S5 that automatically shuts down or turns off without apparent reason. The procedures I include here are safe and easy that you don't need to have advanced knowledge with Android to be able to follow them.
In this guide, we will elaborate how to customize screens on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S, particularly on how to create folders and apps page on it. If you are one of our target audience for this piece, then you may consider reading on this entire page to find out what you need to know of in the first place. But if you were a Samsung Galaxy S5 owner, you must have experienced being bugged by the company's My Magazine bloatware. I uploaded a photo on Picasa Web, synced my phone so the photo would appear in the gallery. For some reasons, several S5 users are complaining about certain Bluetooth issues on their handset.

Obviously, the company didn't include the Face Unlock feature, which is also absent in the Galaxy S5.
It is a very easy procedure but since we are all newbies, I find it necessary to write this simple guide. This post will guide you through a systematic troubleshooting procedure that may lead to the discovery of the root cause of the problem.
Additionally, I never advice my readers to follow steps that could void the warranty of their devices. We intend to offer this content to all users of the Galaxy Tab S device, who need help in customizing their device screens based on their preference. One sender, however, managed to detail his problem so I answered back with probing questions. The thing is overheating can be caused by a hardware problem, which leaves the owner helpless, or by sheer mishandling of the phone, which includes but not limited to over usage and improper charging. So far, Samsung has neither yet acknowledged that such bug really exists on their latest Galaxy flagship, nor has rolled out any software build to fix the existing problem. No one outside Samsung knows why it was removed but it is obvious that the company is promoting the Fingerprint scanner, which is a better way to secure the phone using biometrics.

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