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Now obviously this was a very difficult task to achieve on land-line phone numbers but with the invention of smart phones and mobile apps (Thanks to Steve Jobs of Apple Inc) somebody (truecaller) thought of making an international phone directory which would hold not only the names of people calling but it also maintains a list of suspected and established spammers.
Its main purpose is to identify a caller before you pickup the call so when somebody calls you, your phone starts ringing and displays the name of the caller if its saved in your mobile phone address book. What this app also does is that they upload your address book to their server to add numbers to search results, this way you almost know every time a new caller calls you that who is calling you and you can decide what to do with that call. When the call ends, you have the option to either add the phone to the address book or mark it as spam. I hope this information was useful to you and please let us know your feedback on this guide.
If the number is not found in your address book, truecaller app is triggered and it searches its global directory to see if they have a match.

I read somewhere that an estimated 16 million people are using truecaller mobile app either on iphones or android phones.
What truecaller app then does is that they create a group in your address book and add those numbers which have been black listed by your geographical community to that group and ban that group in the phone so when a spammer calls you, they are sent directory to the voice mail or whatever and you don’t even get a notice that someone tried to call you and you get on with your life or whatever.
If you decide to mark the number as spam, it automatically gets added to the blocked callers group and after certain requests of blocking by other community users, truecaller adds that number to everyone’s block list. If someone specifically searches for your number without you calling them, you get a notification in your truecaller app that someone searched for your number. Now if you would like to know who did that search, you would have to upgrade to a premium version for $0.99 a month. That information is used when you call someone who has not added you to their phone address book and they have also installed truecaller app.

At the writing time of this post, premium version of truecaller is only available for android devices. They say that premium version for Apple IOS is also on the way but there is no specific date for that yet.

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