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However, it will not cover any ground on WMI, neither will it show you how to use the serial port.
I have a project which controls projectors to switch them on or off via the serial port (good old RS-232).
I have used Windows Management Instrumentation previously to find MAC addresses and disk drives.
If you create your own project, don't forget to add the reference to System.Managment or it won't compile. Finally I understand this code, and WMI is very limited to get information about attached USB devices to PC.
Knowing an iOS devices serial number is useful for a wide variety of reasons, from checking warranty status, determining if it's eligible for a free repair from Apple, checking unlock status, checking for iCloud Activation Lock, insurance purposes, repairs, registering a phone for a variety of services, amongst other reasons. If you'd rather find the serial number of an iOS device from a computer, you can do that too with iTunes.
As you can see neither of these methods are particularly complex, though unlike finding a serial number of a Mac, you can't have it spoken to you without enabling separate text to speech settings in iOS.
Though the serial number may look totally random, serial numbers are assigned to devices in an orderly way, with details about the devices factory and machine ID, the week of production, the year it was manufactured, the color, and the storage size of the model.

The PC controlling the projector is located in a server room a long way from the projector. The problem with these adaptors is they are ‘virtual ports’ and they get assigned a random COM port name such as COM7. It’s called this as I imagine I will need it to test more WMI code in the future, not just boring old serial ports. For example, I can't get Manufacturer or Device description just to open an specific device.
It doesn't matter which method you use, if the device is the same, the serial number attached to it will be the same too. You can decipher this information about the device by reading the serial and knowing the format as it applies to the iPhone or iPad, though it does vary per model and per device. This article is also my first post to The Code Project which is my favourite resource for learning how to create cool new widgets, so I am trying to give something back to this great community. They are both linked by a KVM extender which squeezes a VGA signal and a USB signal over a single CAT5 Ethernet cable up to 120m away. Also they sometimes have a tendency to wander and change their port name, requiring constant maintenance to locate the projector.

Punching in all the keywords into Google didn't get me very far, until someone mentioned WMICodeCreator on the MSDN forums “Play with WMI using this tool” it said. It has a working demonstration of a USB Serial finder using little more than the copy-pasted code from the WMI utility. I find the Console in the IDE becomes far too messy when debugging multiple forms, so I created this.
The output can be redirected to any form which makes it more flexible and easier to understand. If you get any ambiguous compile errors, simply comment out this class and watch your output window instead.

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