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The stars of this recruiting season definitely haven't been the players.Five-stars come and five-stars go. In three decades in the business, he's covered everything from the Olympics to Stanley Cup to conference realignment.
The coaches might think what they're doing is innovative -- co-opting technology sometimes without spending a dime.
You might not be reaching 2 billion people with your Harbaugh retweet, but you are losing some privacy.
Perhaps a lot.It's only a matter of time before simple electronic communication to a recruit turns into a full-on background check.

Cecil -- an accomplished author and wife of Los Angeles Rams assistant Chuck Cecil -- isn't the only person in this space. The same technology that tracks the migratory patterns of birds could conceivably monitor the next flock of Ducks in recruiting.It's easy, it's free and it's coming -- if the technology isn't being used already by energetic grad assistants eager to please the boss.
Ninety-percent starts through a text or a direct message."It's hard to believe the texting part was once an NCAA rules violation.
At some point, someone somewhere realized recruits can ignore texts, turn off their phones, blow off those annoying coaches.Technology has advanced at a dizzying rate. It's now possible to monitor vast amounts of people in the Northern Hemisphere talking in a certain way about, say, Penn State.

But comparing the space race to signing with Michigan?This is one small step for the five-star D-tackle from New Jersey, this is one giant leap toward winning the Big Ten East … If you don't think any of this works or is even possible, check those pop-up ads next time you log on.

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