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FREE NEWSLETTER: Econintersect sends a nightly newsletter highlighting news events of the day, and providing a summary of new articles posted on the website. Follow up:Android will remain the most popular smartphone operating system for the next two years with 76 million active devices forecast for 2014. The growing use of ad blocking software is creating a shortfall in covering our fixed expenses. This Pfeiffer Report research project compares the five major mobile operating systems in use today: iOS 7, iOS 6, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Blackberry 10, and rates them in terms of user experience. The benchmarks are based on the Pfeiffer Consulting Methodology for User Experience Quantification. Cognitive load—the sum of elements you need to get familiar with in order to use a device spontaneously and intuitively—is one of the key aspects of user experience for a non-technical user. Smartphone user experience depends in large part on the easy and efficient integration of different key features and services. For this benchmark we analyzed access to key settings, integration with notifications, multitasking, and camera access, among others. Consumer-level customization is one of the key user experience aspects of connected digital devices. UXF is the bad stuff, the aspects of a device that can annoy you in a niggling way, or, in extreme cases, drive you crazy. Last week Google is discussing about the Android Device Manager, which helps the Android users to track and locate the Android device which is lost or misplaced. Finally Google have launched the Android Device Manger, I an much sure that user will like this service and this will help alot to them. For this you do not need to install anything on your phone, the only requirement is that you should have GPS enabled on your device. Device Manager will show your phone listed and if multiple devices are connected with same account, it will display all the listed devices.
Additionally after tracking your devices there are other two features also that Android Device Manager have, Ringing the phone or erasing your device remotely. If your phone have got stolen then you can track your phone and also erase the device remotely, so that you do not loose any of your sensitive or private data that you may have on the phone.
Finally, Google is giving awesome service to its users, Hope they will more features on Android Device Manger also. Vivek GurungVivek Gurung is the founder of Blogger Idea, that deals with blogging, SEO and Tips.
If you’re a Microsoft enthusiast, you most likely know that each year the Redmond-based tech giant is working together with NORAD to allow its users to track Santa Claus and find out his location every day of December. In the meantime, everyone’s waiting for the Lumia Denim update, which, among others, will also bring a bunch of improvements, including Cortana personal assistant, on more devices. At this point, Cortana is still available in a limited number of countries, among which the United States and the United Kingdom, but Redmond promised to release it to more users in 2015.
Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as cellular phones, tablet computers and netbooks. Utilizing Android’s Google Maps application, cab4me lets users call a cab to their location with a single click. PDAnet has been one of the most popular software for Windows Mobile phones, Palm OS phones and iPhones.
I once worked at Best Buy and the number 1 thing I noticed quite often was the, “Ohh crap, where’s that card” problem. How many hours do you spend on the phone?Who are your top callers, SMS contacts?Callbook collects information about your calls and messages and provides immediate comprehensive reports for your mobile history.The software allows you to interrogate your call statistics and optimize your billing plan. Inspired by instant messaging, social networks and life streaming applications, Voxmobili combined them into an all-in-one, easy to use application, Phonebook 2.0. This is a really fun and nice to have application, many android applications around the web are publish with a barcode image, I’m guessing most of you have seen these floating around. With Google Sky Map for your Android phone you can discover and browse the night sky just by pointing your phone to space. By using your Android phone’s orientation sensors, we can show you a star map for your location. An Android application for editing and creating your own ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds. Its a fully functional Android RSS reader created as a way to learn the new Android platform SDK.

Dropbox is great because it’s not just a mobile app; it allows you to manage files in fully synced folders from desktop and mobile devices. Fusion Voicemail Plus from PhoneFusion is an easy to use award winning service that lets you centralize your voicemail boxes (mobile, home, office etc.) No more calling voicemail – just Touch-N-Listen right from your phone. This simple application allows you to snap pictures of business cards and automatically import that information to your virtual Rolodex.
GDocs is a simple notepad that can view, edit and sync documents from your Google Docs account.
Whether on your computer or from your phone, Springpad is a free app that helps you remember stuff today — places, websites, books, recipes, ideas, anything — so you can make better decisions tomorrow.
Larva Labs presents a home screen that creates a meaningful hierarchy out of your information. Google Voice is a new service from Google that gives the user his own personal phone number. My Tracks is an application for your AndroidTM phone that enables you to record GPS tracks and view live statistics – such as time, speed, distance, and elevation – while hiking, biking, running or participating in other outdoor activities. Take a look at Future Scheduler app for Android; this app helps you in scheduling text messages, emails, status update and phone calls.
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The average smartphone user in South Korea has downloaded 40 apps — the highest number in the world and well above the global average of 25 downloads.
Statista created this chart, using data from Google's Our Mobile Planet, which ranks the top 10 countries where smartphone users download the most apps. Please consider a donation to Econintersect to allow continuing output of quality and balanced financial and economic news and analysis. The difference of user experience, therefore, stems almost exclusively from the operating system, the user interface design, the application integration, the overall coherence. While there is a core set of integration functionality all mobile operating systems share, there are significant and surprising differences between the five major players in the market. Nevertheless, the current crop of mobile operating systems differs quite significantly in terms of customization, ranging from the almost dizzying granularity of Android’s options, to the starkness of Windows Phone 8, which allows hardly any user-level customization. Basically, UXF occurs whenever a device does not do what you expect it to do – or lacks a key feature that should be available. Once you are logged into the account in about 5 seconds, it will show the exact address and location of the phone. If your phone lost  and the person has deleted your account from the phone, you may not have any way of tracking it.
Basically, Windows Phone users can also benefit from the partnership between Microsoft and NORAD, but they can do it in style.
By using GPS capabilities to locate not only the user’s current location, but also the location of the nearest cab company, theapplication can initiate a call to the cab company with a mere click on the map. Just hold up your phone to the audio source, and Shazam will figure out what song is playing—for free. Update your status, post pictures, check out your friends profiles, make comments all from the comfort of your device. This is the common occurrence that plagues many of us when we reach the register and fumble through a wallet or purse thinking, “It’s gotta be in here somewhere.” Well, never forget a single card again with an excellent free Android application called Key Ring Reward Cards.
It secures contacts, notifies end-users when they are online, displays birthday reminders and helps centralize all communications. Yeah, but if you’re like me and you own a Droid, your phone has multitouch capability that the browser never utilizes. It supports auto-rotation, full screen browsing, a virtual keyboard, advanced touch controls for zooming and flipping through multiple windows. This project is an ongoing effort to better understand and embrace the Android design philosophy, welcoming comments and additional contributors. Dropbox’s Android application allows users to access a Dropbox — and any kind of content it contains, including music and movies — from anywhere. IDEAL Group’s Speaking Pad is an entertaining application for anyone who wants to prank their friends with computerized speech! Built for Android-based handsets, our home screen is designed for heavy phone users and people struggling with information overload.

Simply download the free application to stay connected with your friends, share photos, and check out the tour schedules of your favorite bands… anytime, anyplace!
Users can add and check off tasks on the go, organize upcoming tasks, get alerted when they are near a task location and sync their mobile actions with a web interface. Astrid’s goal is to be simple to use with the features you need to stay productive and get things done.
Please note that only default fonts are changed because some widgets have custom fonts and we don’t want to give override them.
With this app you can share your best pickup lines and view and rate the ones others have added. You then can use your Google Voice number to make phone calls or send SMS messages from the web. Once recorded, you can share your tracks, upload them to Google Spreadsheets and visualize them on Google My Maps. These days most of carry android mobile phones but finding the best apps is a daunting task, hats off to the writer who just putted all the important app at one place. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. In 2014, analysts are predicting a rise to 160 million smartphone users, equating to a 32 percent increase. Cortana, the personal assistant exclusively available on Windows Phone, can tell Windows Phone users the exact location of Santa Claus and provide more information on his trip around the world. A wide range of triggering events are available like battery level, dates, times, GPS coordinates and calls from specific people can all be used. PdaNet provides you with FULL Internet access so all your email, instant message programs will work without any setting changes. Many iPhone users have enjoyed this application for a while, and now a free (ad supported—not intrusive don’t worry) version has made its way to the Android OS. Simply “watch” a very short cooking show, “shop” with the grocery list, and “make” using the handy step-by-step recipe directions. Scan barcodes on CDs, books, and other products, then look up prices and reviews, or search for a word in a book and find where it occurs.
Dolphin Browser presents an excellent free solution to this problem by providing the user with not only multitouch capability, but also multiple tabs, a very social interface, and quite a bit more. The perfect companion every time you need to calculate a tip or divide a meal between your friends.
Features include a touch screen keypad and an amortization schedule that shows you how your payment is split towards principal. The app itself is software that interprets ROM files — the format of choice for hacked console games. By subscribing to programs it will create a personalized audio-magazine loaded with fresh shows and news stories whenever you listen. I’m still exploring this app, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s better than the stock browser on my Droid (which is excellent as well).
Assuming you’re loading a worthwhile ROM file from your SD card, the gameplay is really smooth. During our research visits, we had been hearing similar concerns from people who need to stay connected to the market.
This means users can make and receive calls and text messages on your Google Voice number through your phone. Then chompSMS is for you, with lots of extra features like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, quick reply, signatures, heaps of customizations, and more! Android has a large community of developers writing apps that extend the functionality of the devices.
Google Voice also archives all voice mails and SMS messages online, so you will never lose that important message. In contrast, Blackberry is enduring a downward spiral with a user base loss of 25 percent (11.8 million users).

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