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VoIP is occupying all over the world telecom industry with its extensive cheap or free calls. The calls may be initiated through their software as a PC to phone call or even you may generate phone to phone call. Non free destination users, no need to worry, you have another worldwide free calling service – Tabrio.
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Utilizamos nuestras propias cookies y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y su experiencia. My Name Umer, From Pakistan, Punjab i am passionate about blogging, and love to spend time with blogging and i am currently working on these 2 blogs. Facebook Messenger’s FREE CALL option allows you to make calls to your friends using either WiFi or mobile data (3G, HSPA, etc). As you know, Facebook Messenger is a standalone app for you to manage all your Facebook messages with your Facebook friends. While in an on-going call, you also have the option to go back and continue with your Facebook Messenger chat. As you can see in the picture above, when I click back to the chat screen, the call is still on-going shown by a red bar at the top. Give the Facebook Messenger app “FREE CALL” option a try and let me know what you think? About WinnieWinnie Chen-Head aka WinnieKepala is "THE" Female Tech Blogger in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

There are loads of voip services emerging these days and even the quality of phone calls with voip is improving day by day.
He is very enthusiastic and keen to work on different aspects of computer, internet and mobile related fields.
Algo asi como usar el ordenador como telefono. Esto sirve tanto para realizar llamadas como para recibirlas. Mediante ellas personalizamos anuncios, proporcionamos funciones de las redes sociales y analizamos nuestro trafico.
At that time, it was only available for users with the iOS app in US and Canada. Then, a few days ago, they enabled it for users of their Facebook Messenger app in UK.
If you’re using the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone or Android, you can now make FREE CALLS using the app in Malaysia!!!
Basically, this option allows you to make a VOIP call, aka voice call using your data connection instead of your usual phone call minutes. On my Android app, there’s a pop up to warn you that the Facebook Free Call will incur mobile data charges, just in case. Regardless of whether you have their phone number or not, as you can see from the left and middle image above. You don’t need to have the phone number of your contact, just as long as you’re connected on Facebook!
Checking their Facebook Messenger mobile product page HERE, there’s apparently a Blackberry app, too. Blog (written and video) includes all things TECH for the non-tech savvy - news updates, gadget reviews, how-to guides and opinion posts.
Today, I am discussing a totally free service which enables you to call different locations.

Registration is not a time consuming process and does not require any credit card or email verification.
Este telefono estara activado siempre que la aplicacion se este ejecutando. Las llamadas entre ordenadores son gratuitas, las de ordenador a telefono son de pago, al igual que en Skype, pero a un precio mucho mas competitivo que el habitual entre companias telefonicas. Tambien compartimos informacion sobre la manera en que usa nuestro sitio con nuestros socios de redes sociales, publicidad y analisis. We both restarted the app and it seems to work fine after that – for calls made both on WiFi and on mobile data. I think this is rather handy, although I’m not sure how many of you will use this function. Anyone using Facebook Messenger on Blackberry, let me know if the “FREE CALL” option is enabled for you, too?
This blog was started as a showcase of solutions for different problems and today it has got a good reputation in the blogosphere.
Of course, I am not going to compare the quality to a proper voice call on our phone, this is a VOIP call after all. For non free destination, some fixed rates apply which you may check out in the calling rates page.
And because it’s a VOIP call, if you have spotty data connection, you might experience worst call quality, and maybe not be able to connect the call at all. Non free users may call free destinations using soft phone and free destination users can make phone to phone calls.

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