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Let's face it: Not everyone wants (or needs) a top-of-the-line super phone with a sky-high price tag to match. Below we've listed the free phones we recommend on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless right now. I was surfing the internet for a cell phone when I happened upon the Safelink Wireless website. Please *see Jerry begging*, don’t go too far encouraging more free loading from the government. Politicians provide free services through legislation in order to instill voter devotion to their political futures. Have you really paid that much money into Social Security that you deserve to live freely off the US Taxpayers for the rest of your life? Sure, the true needy deserve help from those who can afford the fare but I’ll invite you to the quote from John F.
I have to agree with Rightness, why go around getting free stuff from the goverment, they should put that money to social security and health coverage for us not into free cellphones, especially when nowadays is so affordable to buy a phone, like the one he is mentioning. I will have to agree as well, why oh why are we encouraging this free loading for cellphones? Until you stand in the shoes of those who have nothing you should not judge those who find the courage to ask for help. There was an elderly woman in line behind me at the supermarket and she had two cans of cat food. I immediately took the cans of tuna I had out of my order and gave them to her, and paid for them myself.

This makes me wonder how many more Seniors or Disabled or Veterans are out there eating cat food or dog food.
If seniors are truly in need, then they should take advantage of the free cellphone service and use it only when necessary.
When we were made to choose between help with our landline assistance and the free cell phone we were told in the mailing we would be allowed to keep the minutes on our phone, and then could pay for more minutes.
The government isn’t paying for the free phones, everyone who has a land line pays a fee to pay for the free phones.
Oh, and I’m sorry for not leaving my whole name, but I,m on ssdi, and have been told not to tell anyone, because they will rat me out and then I wont be on anything. I agree that it is a necesity nowadays, but still there are so many affordable options out there, this money could be put to better use. My mom is looking at getting one of these phones so when she is out and away from the home she has some way of contacting someone in case of any emergency. She pays for plenty on her own with what little money she has fro social security and her job. I understand there is a better program through Krogers where your grocery receipts go towards your minutes used.
You can use your fuel points towards the monthly service and still use them for gas purchases. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

After all, subsidizing the price of a phone is the best way to get you to sign a two-year contract. Plus we have paid in advance for 40 or 50 years of work so that we could have the things we need now in our older years. That Senior Service from Tracfone is so cheap, most seniors could afford it easily, the phone is only $14.99 and sercive stars as low as $7 a month.
She looked down to the floor, and finally looked up to me and said I dont have a cat its for me. His first social security check came 1 day after he died n mom was not allowed to keep instead she drew 332.00 a month no good stamps or any help and she had worked every day from age 15 .
I do believe all seniors should have some kind of commuication sorts incase of accidents or emergenceies. They have a hard enough time paying for medications and food and other things that are not covered by the insurance SHE pays for. I had to share the money with him and now I am having to pay a mortgage again and can barely do that. If you have money for more people to follow the service, make sure people aren’t abusing the system, then follow up.

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