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A good overview of how things are evolving can be seen through the work of the Mo Ibrahim foundation, he’s a successful telecom tycoon who is now putting his wealth to change African politics through philanthropy and research (see vid with Bill Gates here). While attending Mobile West Africa conference in Lagos, Nigeria, we saw a few very compelling case studies of how mobile technologies can reconnect remote areas or illiterate population with politics, business, and education. The story from Nigeria is the one of Enough is Enough, a social movement which aimed to increase voters registration and participation.
The next steps for the 2015 elections for EIE includes information about the track record of elected officials in 2011 on their promises and agenda, and increase voting overall.
In an impressive presentation, Gustav Praekelt showed how his consultancy worked on the case of the biggest elections in the world, this year, in India. During the 5 weeks of elections, there has been more than 5 million searches, and one can imagine to add features such as fact-checking during debates or track-record of promises. The same consultancy also worked during the South African elections of this year to increase registration, turnout through the use of both collaborative platforms and social media. First, citizens could use a series of digital tools to report protests, intimidation, corruption using all the possible technological means, from USSD, Mxit (a well-known local social media platform), Twitter, Google Talk, SMS, and a dedicated app. VIPVoice was another part of this campaign with the involvement of local celebrities, either pre-recruted and contacted by the team, either pre-offered to the followers of the campaign with pre-filled messages for each type of audience. Overall, more than 56 000 citizens took an active part in the campaign, not even counting the number of impressions.

Since 2012, our team has been roaming the world to attend the top tech events, and discover the startup scenes of many countries, from the US to Nigeria, China or Chile. By 2020, there will be 3 billion new Internet users, most of which will come from emerging markets. Innovation is Everywhere is the place where you can read about emerging markets startups, innovation in the corporate world, and many interviews and stories of entrepreneurs. We are ad-free, pop-up free, long-format friendly, and run by a team of passionate entrepreneurs from different countries. Smartwatch with activity tracking features ZeFit is a sleek and smart wristband that tells time, tracks steps, distance traveled, calories burned and hours slept. Corrupt or broken government make it hard for the population to get out of the poverty cycle, create value through entrepreneurship, or just take part in the political life of the country. When state fails, technology can help reconnect the dots, give hope in the future and improve overall living conditions.
Out of 120m people, only 70m Nigerians are registered to vote, and as little as 7m of them actually voted in the previous 2011 elections.
With more than 800m people registered to vote, and a country reputed for its inefficient administration, there is clearly a room for improvement. The app is designed to provide an aggregation of data on one elected official or candidate, with, in one SMS only, a wrap-up of its criminal case, education, assets and liability.

Mobile technology and politics are here hand in hand, to help population make the better of an election through information refined and usable.
In an emerging country with very different maturity of technology and education among its population, it is key to offer as many entry points as possible to such a campaign.
It was then possible with one click or share to send a message to the publicly available social media accounts of a star to get them on board and increase the virality of the campaign. There, mobile technology and politics are meeting in several creative, low-tech and efficient ways to empower citizens and change governance. ZeFit features a single button and an OLED display to check your real-time activity at a glance.
All these informations are also accessible orally as high illiteracy in India means even reading SMS is not enough to empower citizens. On the website, a heat map showed where these reports occurred, helping citizens to become micro-reporters and making them part of a broader community.

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