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Companies Made Simple, the UK's leading company formation agent has today launched its new Company Name Search free App. Companies Made Simple launches the latest App from its suite of really useful free Business Apps. The Company Name Search App enables users to instantly check whether a UK Limited company name is available.
Simply enter the company name you want and the Company Name Search App instantly checks directly with Companies House whether that name is available to register. The app uses an intelligent algorithm which connects directly with Companies House (the government department through which all UK limited companies are registered) so each search you make is accurate and in real time.
Company Name Search UK AppA free app - enabling you to instantly check whether a company name is available - whilst on the move!
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Having said that, while on the receiving end of the name tag, a few notable incidents have arisen. One of the more exhilarating name tag moments occurred while at an Officeworks store in Melbourne. Since next to no-one actually addresses people by the names on their tag, the notion that your place of employ is trying to create a friendly atmosphere is, I believe, quite bogus. I haven't had to wear a name tag for quite some time however I do work at trade shows six times a year which require me to wear identification to distinguish the exhibitors from the customers. There is one name tag though, that will no doubt stay with me for the rest of my life for it humiliated and educated me at the same time. This is the most complete database online - with data for ALL 50 states, and several federal funds. Common types of unclaimed property includes money in old bank accounts, uncashed dividends, stock or payroll checks, travelera€™s checks, refunds, money orders, insurance payments, overpayments, and unreturned security deposits. There are different rules in each state as to the time period after which unclaimed funds must be turned from businesses over to the state - up to 5 years often. As US companies can have their head office in any of the 50 states, it is very time consuming to check individual state records with only partial data of 'post-dormancy period' funds. This is why UnclaimedCash has built its unified US database, available for simple online searches.
For a small fee of only $11 paypal, you can save many hours of searching through incomplete state and company records.
The current online database lists millions of dollars worth of unclaimed money, property, accounts and assets from all 50 states and several Federal agencies.

It is important to check the records of EVERY single state, as companies only report unclaimed property in the state where its head office is - not where you live.
The unclaimed property records include the name, phone numbers and locations of the financial institution(s) holding the money as well as easy instructions on how to claim any found cash. GUARANTEE - If any unclaimed monies account on our records belongs to you , and is claimed, YOU WILL, BY LAW , RECEIVE THE UNCLAIMED FUNDS OWED TO YOU.
If you are don't get any funds that are reported as belonging to you, then 100% of your processing fee will be refunded ! Name tags - teaching extras - teaching materials page 1, If you're not ready to join the member site, sign up for a free account to access thousands of free teaching activities.. Editable superhero desk tags **freebie suzie cook, These editable ( powerpoint) tags perfect addition superhero classroom!! Christmas chalkboard printable gift tags - sweet ' designs, Christmas chalkboard printable gift tags- 6 fun and festive christmas designs to print and add to christmas presents!.
Printable woodland christmas gift tags & labels, These little tags featuring the woodland friends are perfect toppers for your holiday gifts for kids or adults alike. Free printable christmas tags - tidymom, All of these free, printable christmas gift tags can be printed right from your home computer, cut out, and then attached to your gifts.. Free printable christmas gift tags - packagetech, Free printable christmas gift tags packagetech,. Christmas gift tags - heart nap time, Christmas gift tags jenny raulli bloom designs heart nap time. For some time, my friend Dan and I had bickered over the surname of one of the members of the British comedy trio, The Goodies. I frequented the copy centre there as I needed to make colour copies of my friends' Faith No More posters. A name tag merely serves as a means of identification for a customer to inform on an employee they are unhappy with. While purchasing Mexican food at the Sacramento airport food court, I stifled a gasp as I saw the cashier's name. It is beneficial to use this service which compiles the most complete multi-state records available for simple online searching - including many internal business unclaimed accounts. No dispute over Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie, but while I asserted the third name was Graeme Garden, Dan insisted it was Gardener and no-one had the last name of "Garden". Color copies weren't cheap however the sting was taken out of the ordeal when I was helped by an employee named, as indicated by his tag, Barnaby. We are forced to maintain conversations like old friends catching up while using stealth to inconspicuously cast our eyes down to catch a glimpse of their name.

I whispered to Gregg the moment the cashier walked away "THAT MAN'S NAME IS JESUS!!!" I was quickly corrected, "Uh, it's 'hey-zeus'". We remained at a stalemate for some time, back in the days where trivial matters couldn't be solved by the internet and subsequently, many more friendships were at risk.
Until that point, Barnaby was a name I thought reserved only for TV characters and pirates. Terror strikes when you go to the trouble of making the glance only to find the name tag is turned around. Being Australian with no knowledge of Spanish didn't help ease the embarrassment, however that little name tag set me on the path of understanding Spanish pronunciation. Others list only the most recently added unclaimed property, or are not completely up to date with new listings. Eventually we found ourselves stopping in at Dan's then place of employment, McDonald's where Dan spoke with his manager as I stood beside him. I was once reported for "not being friendly enough" and identified as "the girl with purple nail polish".
From time to time you'll catch someone else working the glance down at the badge hanging about your own waist and it's okay. I wish I could say that little name tag unlocked the whole language for me, but it really didn't do all that much. It would be disappointing for someone with a name such as that to look ordinary which was why his name was enhanced by his apparent relation to a werewolf. Not only was I in trouble for not dancing a jig while handling this woman's bloody (literally) rump roast, but I was also in trouble for wearing bright nail polish.
It's almost a relief to see someone else is as disinterested in this relationship as you are.
I might as well have not worn my name tag and clung to what little dignity I could possibly have while working as a cashier. The name proved Dan wrong and also Dan's obliviousness to name staring him in the face upon her ample bosom, shift after shift. Regardless, sixteen years later, the memory of that name tag and the joy in brought me remain strong in my memory.

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