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Getting a Free Phone number from internet is easy, but getting a Unique number for you Only is truly hard.
You register an account at the website below, you are given to chose between many UK numbers that starts with +44, you setup your local phone number or mobile number to receive calls, finally Activate Route to enable call forwarding and receive calls for Free. 3) Enter your correct First Name, Last Name and Email address for the signup process, then Click Register button to complete registration. 5) After choosing the virtual phone number, Enter your Local or Mobile Phone number in-which you'll receive forwarded calls, Your Mobile or Local Number should not contain the + character just enter the Country code followed by your phone number. 7) Now you own a Free Virtual Phone Number from United Kingdom, you can use it on internet, business jobs, Verifying Google, Facebook, Payza or any other online accounts.

The EthicsLine is a confidential, 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year service, which is operated by an independent company.
The EthicsLine is available to all employees, as well as to all Olympus business partners, who need to request assistance or report a potential ethics violation. You can then receive international and business calls to your local mobile phone while using a UK phone Number. Anyone using the EthicsLine may remain anonymous, except where specifically prohibited by local law.
Your name or any facts which may identify you individually will only be communicated to Olympus or anybody else with your explicit consent.

All matters reported through the EthicsLine will be given full consideration and thoroughly investigated.

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