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When it comes to researching land and water issues Survey Plats and Field Notes from the General Land Office records are valuable tools in finding details about historic land use and geographical features.
The United States General Land Office, created in 1812, managed the surveying of the American West, which at the time included many of the states we now consider part of the Midwest. While they are accessible online and generally in good condition, these records can be difficult to decipher. Other argue that in a digital age, schools can’t afford to devote lesson time to a style of handwriting many students will rarely use.
The English word “cadastre” (the original meaning which is “down the line”) reflects the surveyors’ method of following boundary lines and giving descriptions of the features they encountered. Surveyors took note of soil conditions, vegetation, watercourses, canyons and man-made features like wagon roads.
Even for historians who read and write modern cursive, mid-19th century handwriting can provide an interesting challenge.

Investigating a historic question can mean reading books, searching for original documents, studying maps, finding photos and looking everywhere from the internet to faraway archives.
The Land Ordinance of 1785 laid the groundwork for the Public Land Survey System (also called the rectangular survey system).
Surveyors and their assistants measured the landscape with lengths of chains that they carried, denoting everything by how many chains or, for narrower features, how many individual chain-links it measured. Today’s historians enjoy the convenience of email, digital scanning, and other technologies to aid in their research but sometimes they still rely on skills they learned in elementary school – like how to read cursive handwriting. This method mapped out much of America by establishing square units known as townships measuring six miles on each side. They explored the perimeter of every township and also travelled the interior boundaries that divided the township in thirty-six sections. The majority of American schools have moved away from some of the traditional curriculum elements such as cursive handwriting.

The survey plats (maps) show the township’s features and the accompanying field notes provide a narrative description of the landscape. 45 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards curriculum which has received both praise and criticism for not including cursive handwriting as part of elementary school coursework.
Proponents of cursive insist that it teaches students discipline and brings an artistic element to the writing and learning process.

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