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With all the credit card fraud out there I'm sure everyone reviews their credit card statement. I asked them for the origination sales order and the IP address of the computer that placed the order.
These guys should be reported to every attorney generals office in every state for their business practices. I've determined that if you're credit card was charged by GFS Support the charge is more than likely bogus, fraud, or a ripoff. The bottom line is that you have to protect yourself and don't let anyone take advantage of your or your credit cards. Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed about upcoming events and news from Alchemy Wisdom.
800notes is a comprehensive, if not quite aesthetically pleasing  site that’s actually quite effective.
Not only that, but I learned from the number of comments on that thread this morning alone, clearly these scammers are having a very busy day. It’s also a great site to share with parents or grandparents who may be less tech savvy than you, and more susceptible to the practices of shady marketers.
Of course I’m talking about the little annoyances here when it comes to unwanted calls.

Just be careful in general about incoming calls that you don’t recognize which ask for things like your social security number, birthday, address, or credit card number confirmation. Scammers have been making phone calls claiming to represent the National Do Not Call Registry.
PreviousHow to use new Twitter Moments: Could it make Twitter a more quick and easy news source? Before calling the number I did some online research using Google and other search engines.
Once you have a charge like this, be sure to keep an eye on all your other charges and credit reports to watch out for identity theft. Because no, you did not actually win a free cruise in a contest you don’t remember entering. While there are plenty of apps you can download, and other more complex way to stave off these calls, I find this website is a quick easy fix. Type in the number calling you, and you’ll find out from other users that 646-668-6744 (which just robocalled me today) is indeed some sort of free cruise scam asking for your credit card number.
In fact the number of users reporting scam numbers on the site is in part what makes it such a good resource. Both Techlicious and Digital Trends offer great tips for blocking numbers on all kinds of Android phones, including suggesting Android apps you can install that auto-block known scam callers.

If things ever uglier in terms of harassment, threats, or non-stop unwanted calls, you want to report the number immediately to your phone company — some services will block a certain number for free, while some charge a small fee.
If a company is reporting to be a government agency like this scammer, you can file a complaint with the DoJ. If you Google GFS Support or their toll free number there are very few valid links with information are returned. These calls are not coming from the Registry or the Federal Trade Commission, and you should not respond to these calls.
If I find some reports have been filed under the number, then I just ask my provider to block the number. It's a good test to see if a company has been around long enough to have their phone number listed.
The only place I purchase health supplements is from my local health food store or vitamin shop so now I was very suspicious. This is utter nonsense and the only reason they would have a web page that shows this information is if they get threatened about chargebacks constantly.

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