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Buy with confidence, we have been supplying numbers since 1993, and we are here to help you every step of the way if you are new to private registrations. Private registration plate W90 CHR perfect for anyone called CHRIS CHRISTOPHER CHRISTIAN CHRISTINA CHRISTINE etc. A-plates and how to get rid There’s a lot of old Land Rovers out there on A-suffix registration plates (for example LRM 100A).
Below is a list of DVLA approved clubs who will be able to help you with your registrations.
An increasing number of companies and entrepreneurs have seen the value of private and corporate vehicle number plates.
The following stories are certain to provide you with inspiration and ideas for the perfect registration to promote YOUR business.
Two special omnibus eBooks, featuring organisations who have used personal number plates to identify and promote their businesses. Ace car breakers specialise in the breaking and dismantling of a wide range of cars for quality used car parts and spares, with our stock comprising of used car parts such as engines, gearboxes, alloy wheels, tyres and body panels. Although based in Swanscombe, near Dartford, Ace car breakers, provides used car parts, and car breaker services for areas such as Dartford, Medway, Gravesend, and other towns within Kent and the surrounding area. We have two online theorytests for you to try.See how well you can do -all questions from the officialexam. You can book, change or cancel your theory and practical test direct from the DVLA website here. It might be on eBay, it might be in a remote barn, it might be in someone’s front garden. In addition, the re-allocated number can’t be transferred to anything else, meaning it should stay with the vehicle for ever more. After checking everything is in order you will be issued with a registration and, as long as you have the insurance certificate, a tax disc.

Hated by some in the classic car movement, these were issued in the years leading up to 1992 to any pre-1963 vehicle which had the original number transferred (sold) onto something else. Simply click on the Facebook Connect button and enter your account details in the submission box that will be displayed. Despite the explosive growth of the internet, there is still room for offline innovation in marketing and brand promotion. Established since 1978, Ace Car Breakers was originally situated in Strood Kent, specialising in used car parts, and car breaker parts. Small matters like the V5 tend to go out the window when looking at projects, especially those that have been dormant for a long time; if it has a numberplate, there should be no problem – right? The documentary evidence required is to prove to the DVLA that the number being claimed was actually the one issued to that vehicle – which is fair enough.
Some people see these plates as part of the vehicle’s history, but they do look out of place on some really old Landies. Follow instructions and ensure each time you login in the future you click on the Facebook Connect button.
The DVLA was formerly known as the DVLC, but that title is now obsolete and DVLA, is the only current and correct acronym. What makes things difficult is that quite a lot of Land Rovers will have lost their original registrations at some point in the past. The good news is that a three number, three letter (or vice-versa) replacement is free of charge from your local DVLA Vehicle Registration Office.
For information on the location of Agency offices within the UK please follow the link: DVLA office locations. But a project that comes with no current V5, or even no paperwork at all, is not necessarily a bad thing. Original registration records were held at local taxation offices and only a few have survived, and some of those aren’t complete.

They are usually held at County Council archives and the various clubs will be able to advise you of contact addresses.
This can be obtained just using the chassis number and you can get insurance in the same way if required. Most of these used numbers and area suffixes that hadn’t been used up in the 1950s and early 60s.
If you can get some evidence you will then have to contact your specific club’s registration officer (see panel on page 134) who will help you present your application to the DVLA.
Many old Land Rovers and Range Rovers have lost their IDs to newer vehicles in order to gain tax exemption. In reality though many registrations were inappropriate at best and while some people managed to claim back original numbers, it wasn’t really allowed. Many disgruntled owners (mostly those with classic cars, rather than Land Rovers) felt this was grossly unfair and after a lot of pressure, the rules were changed in late 1990. The process usually takes between a fortnight and a month, and if you are successful your shiny new V5C will come in the post.
With the MOT in place now is the time to bring in your friendly club registration officer. They will provide an official dating certificate, through either an inspection or on receipt of written proof and photos from a approved inspector.

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