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Coloring Sheets with cheerful scenes of Birthday celebrations on display, brought to full, living color at your crayontips!
Some coloring activities also come in PDF format These pages can be viewed using Adobe Reader -- a free software download that you'll need to install. Note: Right-Click on the image above and Save it for printing or follow the link below to view the PDF version. By Double-Clicking on the file(s) you downloaded, you will launch the associated application which lets you view, print or even modify the file.

PDF files will likely launch the Adobe Reader application which has excellent functionalities for printing and viewing documents. Laser Printers use dry powder that doesn't smudge nor run but some models can only print in black. If you have access to different printers, paper and coloring supplies, go ahead and experiment! It's a good idea to have your child wear older clothes -- theirs or yours -- when they work with watercolors or poster paint.

White Pages can search for a person’s address in their large directory assistance database to see who is listed. The great thing about Adobe Reader is that it offers great functionality in terms of viewing the images and printing out copies.

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