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Detroit, Michigan, authorities arrested Jack White, frontman of the group White Stripes, in December 2003 for aggravated assault. The new trend for social networks is to just skip the web and go straight to the next big thing, mobile. Everyme is sort of like a hybrid between the group texting app GroupMe and the mobile social network Path. The app pulls in data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your phone's contacts list to automatically generate "circles," or groups of contacts.
There's been a lot of buzz around Everyme since its launch, so we decided to take the app for a spin.

A male student was seen brushing glass from his shoulder, but claimed the glass was already broken when it fell from its frame on him.
According to official reports, the 28-year-old singer allegedly beat a fellow rocker at a local nightspot. Many to choose from in several different categories, including Jealousy Is A Sickness - Get Well Soon.gif Comments. Our site has tons of new web page graphics separated into hundreds of categories for easy navigation and selection. Simply enter your keywords in the search box at the top of any page, follow the links, or click on the keyword tags located beneath any result box to find just the right jealousy is a sickness - get well soon.gif comment for your profile.

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