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The new searching interface is tightly integrated with Google Instant, which means that you will start seeing results immediately upon beginning your search query. Tapping the icon on the top right of the screen, the one that looks like a two pages next to one another, will give you an instant preview that allows you to get a visual overview of the search results delivered.
There is also a ‘services’ section that gives you shortcuts to many of the main Google services like Gmail, Google+, Photos, Maps, Calendar, Docs and more. The addition of the control panel that gives easy access to other Google products is interesting. The new handy magnifying glass on the bottom menu option on any page lets you finally search in-line. Full-screen image search, one of the headline new features, allows you to tap an image to get details, quickly swipe from image to image and tap and hold to save an image to your camera roll. Google is everyone's go-to search engine, but did you know they have an amazing, new and free phone app too?
Google is everyone's go-to search engine, but did you know they have an amazing new (and free) app for your phone? Siri, the iPhone's sassy voice recognition assistant, has some serious competition from Google Search, the company's latest app for iPhone, Android and tablets. It features voice recognition technology so you can ask it almost anything and get an instant response — no typing or traditional googling required.
The app also helps with your commute, utilizing real-time traffic and transit information to tell you if you need to give yourself more time to account for accidents, detours or train delays.
If you're counting calories, you'll find the feature that lists nutrition contents in almost anything very helpful. While the app is super helpful in nearly any situation, the only issue we found is that sometimes the app misunderstood what we were asking — so make sure to speak clearly when utilizing it.

The new version of the app has undergone a complete overhaul with a new look, and more visual interface for searching throughout. Once you’ve chosen a result, a pane slides in from the right-hand side, much like the official Twitter app for iPad. You can tap on any image to activate a rolling carousel of the results, letting you swipe left and right through the images.
This makes the Google Search app for iPad into a sort of control panel for your whole Google life on the iPad. It’s the polar opposite of the experience delivered by the Gmail app for iPhone just recently. If you wanted to know what a straight Google Chrome tablet might feel like, this is probably the closest you’ll get. Search is faster, autocompletion is markedly zippier, the interface is more responsive and just about everything is snappier than before. You can also easily switch between search modes using the swipeable menu at the bottom and swipe the slide-in panel to return to your search results at any time. If you just finished searching for directions on your laptop or desktop using Google Maps, they'll be waiting for you on your phone as well. Using the voice search and not your hands, you can pull up demonstration videos from YouTube on how to mince garlic, find out the best substitute for olive oil plus set a reminder in your calendar to pick up more at the store.
And unlike Siri, who gives concrete, cheeky answers to any query such as, "Will you marry me?" Google Search replies, "Marriage is a huge decision.
You can trigger a search just by launching the search app, uttering the phrase "OK Google," and then speaking your query.
This pane will allow you to continue to browse results while the page loads and to switch back and forth between the two sections quickly.

This new carousel has also been extended to search history, allowing you to scoot through a visual representation of your past searches instead of a list of truncated results. It’s completely possible that this is the best app that Google has ever made for any tablet. Aside from the main interface, the other tools load in the browser, much like Chrome does, but the web apps take extensive advantage of Apple’s accelerated scrolling and touch capabilities. With the app, you can have phrases translated into other languages, find out real-time currency conversions as well as get suggestions on local hotspots and restaurants. These results from the web might help." So while it may be not be quite as entertaining as asking Siri random questions, it is certainly useful and definitely worth downloading. In return, your iPhone or iPad either displays or speaks the hopefully appropriate response. The hands-free voice search requires an iPhone 4s or later.Notifications can now alert you to specific items without even opening the Google Search app. Similar to Siri, it answers you out loud and gives directions, real-time weather, maps and much more. Google Now also offers iOS users new cards that can display movie and concert tickets, boarding passes, reservation confirmations, and other bits of information.Finally, Google has beefed up the overall app.

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