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Google Voice number porting isn’t exactly new, we wrote about it 5 days ago, but today it became a little more official.
I’m still not sure how exactly porting my number to Google Voice would actually help me out.
Long story short, I can port my number to Google Voice for $105 (cancel fee) + $20 (google fee) + Pain in my ass. I still have the problem of delayed (about 30 min to an hour) TEXT messages from my friends when they try to send a message to my Google Voice number. Thanks for getting us informed about porting our numbers to Google Voice and the risk of terminating our contracts with our current carrier. I like it, I already use this especially if I’m sitting at the computer working on a clients computer while they are on the one the phone. Unless you change your cell number often, I don’t see any benefit to porting your number. I read somewhere else the way to get around the termination fees is to call your carrier and have them change your number, then you can port your number (the one you want to keep) into Google Voice to use it there.
By letting your carrier know what you are planning ahead of time, they should be able to waive any ETFs and other than a new SIM and your number going to any phone you want it to, you shouldn’t see more than an hour down time if you were properly prepared. Or you can just port your number from Verizon to AT&T so that they can charge you an absurd amount for less than you already have.

About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Google voice applications for google android, blackberry and apple ios can automatically place outgoing calls and texts via the user's google voice service. When we heard that GrandCentral was becoming Google Voice, we were nothing short of absolutely excited, as were many of you. Although you can’t currently port your existing number to Google Voice, we hope to offer this option in the near future.
Further reassurance comes with the fact the fact that if you DID have Google Voice and wanted to STOP using it, you could take your number with you to another provider. We’re excited to count you among our users, and we want to continue to earn your business every day.
Your free google number will be yours forever (or until you cancel your google voice account) regardless of which carrier or other landline phone numbers you have or get. If you change your number, the number you want to port usually goes into a sort of recycle bin where it can’t be used for a certain period of time.
But in Phandroid Podcast: Episode 2, we questioned how many people would adopt Google Voice if it meant having to be issued a new phone number to use the service. We don’t lock you into minimum commitment contracts, charge you activation fees, or make it impossible for you to leave.

Give them your Google Voice, and tcall them from your Google voice to help protect your identity, and privacy. Verizon still has not released my old device ESN yet but I’m sure they will figure it out sooner or later. Then the only bad thing would be all calls coming in from google voice would show up as your number. If you want to move to another service provider and take your Google number with you, you can do so at any time.
God, if you are reading this, please send someone down here to bring me a Google Voice Beta Invite. Anyways, I’ll have to review every little detail about Google Voice to know how I can greatly benefit from it. Google maps never get lost as you go to new places and old favorites with the google maps web app.

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