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This revolutionary surveillance product has a wireless (gsm bug) audio monitoring device hidden inside a Computer Mouse.
When the Computer Mouse is called (from anywhere), it will answer immediately without any ringing so it will not alert anyone. The Micro Bluebooth Spy Earpiece fits deep within your ear and is so tiny, no one will be able to detect it. The Invisible Bluetooth Spy Earpiece comes with a neck loop transmitter, microphone, and covert SOS button. 15 meters Bluetooth Range The invisible bluetooth earpiece needs to be within 10 to 15 meters of the bluetooth phone, but the person listening in on your audio can be located anywhere in the world. Magnetic Spy Earpiece Requires No Battery- Audio Sent Via Passive Vibration PrincipleThe actual Invisible Micro Earbud is a strong passive magnet, receiving the audio signal via vibration from the neck loop it does not require battery.
Microphone Picks Up Even The Faintest Audio The microphone can also be hidden under your clothes, where it can pick up even the faintest of sounds. The camera is powered by NEXT chipset that is embodied the top grade of the world at 620 TVL resolution be own image signal technology which is to change the frequency of luminance signal adaptively by a monitoring sector. Blue CCTV offers Hidden Convert Cameras for Hidden Convert Camera Systems and all of your dome security camera needs. We sell and delivers our security cameras or surveillance cameras, accessories and related products nationwide.
We deal with Eyemax, Telpix, Seeye DVR, KT&C, CNB, Geovision with latest version 8.33 and many more brands.

Please contact us to the following address and phone numbers for any questions and inquiries.
This item detects and pinpoints the location of wireless microphones and video transmitters by scanning and sweeping the area for transmitting frequencies, and informing you using an LED display and an optional audio alarm. Items are often shipped the same day, but may ship within 2-3business days of the date when payment clears, unless otherwise noted.
The central feature of this GSM based solution is that it's a sophisticated, totally concealed bugging device. The caller can then hear conversation around the Mouse and when ending the call, the Computer Mouse resumes standby. Associates can give you information, directions, or just listen in on your conversation with your approval to ensure safety, without alerting anyone that you're wired. The button is attached to a long wire that you can run down a pant leg and put the button underneath your toe or hide it in your pocket. All they have to do is call into your cell phone and they will be able to hear exactly what's happening and speak directly into your ear through a micro spy earpiece. Wide range circuitry detects concealed transmitters operating on frequencies from 50MHz to 3GHz. If you are not pleased with your purchase, please contact us to return it for a full refund.
You can even silently communicate with associates using the attached SIGNAL silent beeper button, perfect for situations when you can't talk.

Upon pressing the beeper button, a beep tone is sent to your associates over the phone, no matter where they are in the world. Contact us if faster delivery (overnight, 2 day, etc) is required, or to require a signature for package delivery.
This spy bluetooth technology, previously only available to spies and law enforcement agencies is now available to the general public for all your covert audio surveillance operations on-the-go. Use the covert SOS button to signal one click for yes, two clicks for no, or get more advanced with full fledged SOS beep communication, without anyone knowing what you're doing. We use strong boxes and tape, bubble wrap, and recycled anti-static packing peanuts to protect your item.
Combined Shipping - If you purchase more then one item from us at the same time, we will combine the items, when possible, into one box to save on shipping charges. If an item is damaged during shipping, please notify us within three days of delivery of the damaged item in order to file a claim. Please keep the box and packing material as the shipper may want to inspect the damaged package. You may choose USPS Express Mail International or UPS - but you are encouraged to research the associated fees from each carrier.

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