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HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Have you ever tried to login to your Verizon FIOS router, only to find out that you’ve got no idea what the password is? If you’re still looking for a good reason to login to the router, be sure to read our guide to changing your Wi-Fi router channel to optimize your signal, or our explanation on why hiding your wireless SSID is really not a security feature.
Each of the Verizon routers will have a Reset button on the back side somewhere, usually with a red circle around it.
Once you’ve reset the password to the default, it’s going to be set to one of the following—or it might already be set to one of these, so before you reset the router, you should try each of these.
Serial Number – each router has a serial number on the sticker on the back, and often the password has been changed to match this number. Blank – and we’re not referring to typing Blank into the password field—on one of the routers the password field should just be ignored, by default, at least. We’ve put together a quick little table with all the Verizon router models that we know of, and the default password for each.
Of course, once we put the table together we realized that they were all the same except for one of them, so the table isn’t very useful… but it looks nice, so we’re leaving it here.
Naturally, this might be different for your router version, but this is what we’re seeing right now. If you’re having a problem logging in with a password manager like LastPass, you might not actually have a password problem as much as a password manager problem—for some reason this password box doesn’t work right with password managers.
The trick is to just use LastPass to copy the password to the clipboard, and then manually paste it in.
On a side note: if you’re using another (better) router internally for your network, you should probably disable WEP on the Verizon router. Lowell Heddings, better known online as the How-To Geek, spends all his free time bringing you fresh geekery on a daily basis. Recently (two or three months ago) Verizon reset all their modem passwords to the serial number. Lastly, you need to be educated in the internet speed packages given by your ISP (in this case Verizon). DID YOU KNOW?The 10 billionth song sold through Apple’s iTunes Store was Guess Things Happen That Way by Johnny Cash. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site.
This is an example of a page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.

Saturday, 21 April 2007 07:28:36 UTCWhat typical speeds do you get with BitTorrent with FiOS?
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way.
Here’s how to reset the password to the factory defaults and get access to your router again. To reset the router to factory defaults, press this button (using a pen or something similar), and hold it down until all the lights on the router blink and turn off, and then back on—it’ll take somewhere between 10-30 seconds. I figured that out when I had to fix a port forwarding problem from off site and was unable to get in.
Computer speed depends on internal hardware (For example, i7 motherboard, SSD hard-drive, DDR3 RAM, etc.) . WIFI connection is known to be slower or weaker than an Ethernet connection (direct Ethernet cord connection to the back of the tower or laptop – usually yellow or blue cord). Hitting the reset button on the actiontech routers resets the password back to the serial on the router.
Bespaar geld via VERGELIJK.NLYou may be instructed by a Verizon technical support person to reset your modem in order to clear any existing properties.
Even though I pay a monthly premium on top of the regular rate for Internet Access, I'm rarely getting good throughput.
Unlike cable, Verizon FiOS takes fiber all the way to your home, giving you the strongest and fastest connection possible. Because radio waves are While on my computer, behind the router Verizon router, I need to know my the router’s IP address, so I can ssh into my box from remote hosts.
On the bottom of my toolbar which dictates the strength of the signal is only for bar levels, it would appear that when I move my laptop into the living room where the router was placed behind my television set, rather than in the room where my computer actually is like I had with DSL, I notice that the signals get stronger.
Maybe not web pages but faster videos like from YouTube could make a big difference.I have Comcast as my cable TV and Internet provider. You’ll be able to share photos, post videos, video chat and game faster than ever before with the power of 100% fiber optics. But unfortunately I’m stuck with them right now I only took their service a month ago, which included the telephone and television.
Also if you have to sign up with them with package deal make sure you know who the representative is that you’re talking to, because I had a lot of problems with the the price that they gave me originally, and then the first month of service hit me with an outrageous bill, which consequently after fighting with them they lowwered it. In my opinion no matter who would maybe you get for your service that basically all the same.
TIP: A Verizon Employee confirmed to me that the online database and an internal database of "Is FIOs available in my neighborhood" is NOT in sync. My house was not available when checking online, but WAS available when I called and talked to a human. He was careful not to bad-mouth Comcast, which was classy, but he was clear to express Fio's culture.

His feeling was "massive bandwidth, reasonable price, do what you like." That's nice, because I didn't like hearing from Comcast when they think I'm using too much.
My neighbor had the fiber come to his house, then a box attached to the side of his house, then a battery backup in his garage. Then the Verizon guy installed Verizon's Wireless Router on the wall in his garage and put in a bunch of small PCI 802.11 cards. There's a lot of traffic flowing on my network and I want both the throughput and comparative security of wires. Now the fiber comes in from the street, into the optical converter, then under my house and into my walls on 75Ohm Cable Coax then out of the wall in my computer area and into the Verizon Router. The router converts that one Coax Run into RJ-45 Ethernet, that I plug back into the the house, which in turn, lights the house up - exactly as it was - for Internet.
Personally, I'd completely given up on Verizon many years ago and had long left them for dead. I may also switch away from Vonage, given the current lawsuit, and move over to Verizon using this same network. But before anyone goes out and buys FIOS broadband, computers, toys, software, or anything else like that, make sure you have already purchased plenty of life insurance and are leaving little to no debt. Without insurance to fall back on, your bus accident will leave your spouse with much bigger problems than figuring out the intricate details of the widowed home network.
Last time a root damaged the line; this time it will probably turn out to be a squirrel or something.
The problem I had was that I was downloading Orcas Beta 1 when everyone else was downloading it also. Started the installation on Feb.21 It was raining that day and the cable subcontractors told me I would have to call back to reschedule. His bright idea to bundle all three services (Cable Modem, Phone, TV) has been my worst nightmare. Our Internet service goes out and cycles on and off all day long, causing the Internet to go down and closing windows I needed open, the FIOS box flips the GFCI on my outlet all the time and the Motorolas don't perform to standard. I've already had to replace one box and the other one doesn't do what it said it would (play recorded material in another room on another box).
I've hated almost every minute of it and after FOUR years of Bright House where honestly, we didn't even lose cable through 3 direct hurricane hits..UGH!Oh, and can I even BEGIN to complain about the idea that if we lose power, it's three-four hours of phone and no TV on the battery power?

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