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Caller ID is great to have, but there are certain situations where you don't want the person you're calling to have your number. Blocking Your Number on a Call by Call BasisIf you only want to block your number on a specific call, you can type in a code before you dial that will disable the Caller ID for that one call only. Blocking Your Number for a Specific ContactIf there's a certain person that you have to call on a regular basis, but don't want them to have your number, it's as simple as editing the contact number.
Blocking Your Number on AndroidJust like the iPhone, you can turn off Caller ID for all calls on Android if your carrier allows it. A Few Things to RememberWhile most of these methods will work just fine for ordinary calls, there are a few situations where it's very difficult, if not impossible, to keep your number hidden. This is really great specially when you don't want the person is calling or it really annoys you, then you can finally block it. Just drove away in my first BMW and 10 miles down the road the DSC warning lamp illuminated and does not shut off despite trying to toggle the deactivation button. I am looking to replace my radio in my 1994 BMW 525i and was wondering if the radio plays any role in the keyless entry to my car?
I have a 2002 BMW 525i..How much should I expect to pay to have the engine rebuilt and how long should a warranty be for? RELIEF VALVE, WATER HEATER - CONTENTS: Water Heater Safety Inspections - check the TP Relief Valve. Here at we discuss temperature and pressure relief valves used on residential water heaters.
To reduce the risk of abnormally high and dangerous pressures in the hot water system and to reduce chances of a dangerous explosion, water heater manufacturers, building codes, and independent standards require that a temperature and pressure relief valve be installed on the water heater - a T&P Relief Valve. The tag providing information on any T&P relief valve describes its operating pressure and temperature rating.
The funny little device on the elbow seen at the left hot water riser on this water tank is in common use in Mexico. The relief valve on this water heater has been covered by owner-installed water heater insulation. This is an unsafe condition as the operation of the temperature or pressure relief valve may be interfered with by the insulation and also because the valve cannot be inspected for evidence of leaks or failure.
Do not depend on a pressure-relief only valve (no temperature response) to protect a hot water heating system. Pressure relief valves are only intended for protection of tanks that are not heated - such as a well water pressure tank or a cold water storage tank. Christian, Without some photos or other details, I don't know, but I speculate that if the discharge tube on the relief valve is piped down through the floor to a non-visible location, that's improper & unsafe and may be what the tagged meant. Our photo above illustrates a T&P valve installed on the water heater top and connected to a discharge tube that passes outside the building through the wall.
T&P valve discharge tubes are permitted to discharge below the floor of a structure but should not be piped to a hidden location where you won't notice that the valve is dripping or leaking. Julie a look at installation details for TP valves on water heaters didn't come up with an over-head clearance, though some common sense would indicate you'd need enough space for the test lever to be operated AND enough space to remove and replace the valve when needed.
Now we can slightly tip a valve to get it out of the heater, buy - I'd like to see 12" or more to give both working space and space to remove the valve.
Relief valve missing its discharge tube or drip line, also called an extension tube: this is an unsafe condition - someone may be scalded should the relief valve open. We inspected a hot water tank installation at which the installer actually cut off the temperature sensing probe from the T&P valve so that he could install it through an elbow. Watch out: As our photo shows (above left), mineral salts left behind as hot water evaporates from the mouth of a pressure or temperature relief valve can completely clog the spring that is intended to allow the relief valve to open under excess (unsafe) pressure. Water expansion pressure (thermal expansion) increases in a closed system with a check valve installed close to the water heater. At RELIEF VALVES - TP VALVES we explain that in the photograph above there are two blockages of the test leve on the TPR valve that can prevent it from opening in response to pressure or temperature: the plaster wall and the foam insulation sprayed around the lever.
A relief valve on a water heater should have a BTU or heat spillage release capacity greater than the BTU input rating of the water heater. The pressure-relief component of a TP valve or of a separate additional pressure-relief valve should be at least 20 to 30 psi above the maximum working pressure in the system. The standard opening pressure for TP valves on residential water heaters is usually 150 psi, and most water heater tanks also have a standard operating pressure of 150 psi. Note: we recommend that for most conditions residential water pressure inside the building should not exceed 70 psi.
BLEVE EXPLOSIONS or boiling liquid vapor explosions can occur at both domestic water heaters (calorifiers or geysers) and at hot water heating boilers (hydronic heating systems). We can understand the huge energy release involved in a BLEVE explosion by a quick review of the extra energy required to change the state of water from a liquid to a gas.
Water heater tank explosions are rare thanks to the widespread requirement for and use of pressure and temperature relief safety valves. But if the safety valve has been damaged, modified, or even omitted (as we saw on our neighbor's water heater), that condition, combined with overheating can cause a water tank to explode, creating a BLEVE - Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion that releases tremendous force and causing extreme damage to a building. Because repeated heating of the water tank bottom may combine with other conditions (such as corrosion or excessive heating due to mineral deposits on the tank bottom) to produce a weak water heater tank bottom, that is the part more likely to fail in an overheat and overpressure condition. A failure at the water tank bottom may explain why a BLEVE can produce a water tank explosion that behaves like a rocket, sending the water tank skyrocketing up through a building.
Other plumbers simply remove the relief valve entirely - this is the process recommended by some water heater manufactures such as A.O.
When replacing the relief valve use an approved teflon tape or pipe sealant and work neatly and with care so that there will be no leaks at this location.
Pressure relief valves (that sense pressure only, not temperature) are also required on pressurized tanks such as water tanks in buildings. Some manufacturers (Rheem) recommend that the temperature and pressure safety relief valve be tested once every six months.
After lifting the easing lever or relief valve opening lever, lower it gently back to its closed position.
One has to consider that the manufacturer would not be likely to include the test-lever feature on relief valves if it had no intended uses whatsoever.
Water heater manufacturers' installation instructions for at least some water heaters advise building owners or maintenance personnel to manually operate the TP valve at least once a year to make sure it is working properly. Temperature and pressure relief valves should be re inspected at least once every three years by a licensed plumbing contractor or authorized inspection agency to ensure that the product has not been affected by corrosive water condition [sic] and to ensure that the valve and discharge line have not been altered or tampered with illegally.
Certain naturally occurring conditions may corrode the valve or its components over time, rendering the valve inoperative. Such conditions are not detectable unless the valve and its components are physically removed and inspected. Home inspectors do not normally test a TP valve out of concern that if it leaks and won't shut off the test has created a building flood. But by making this test you might find by that the valve is "stuck" or clogged and will not operate.
Watch out: Opening or operating the pressure relief valve using the lever is not a complete test and it should not be used by home inspectors nor by anyone who is not prepared to shut down the water heater and replace the TP valve immediately should the valve fail to operate or should it fail to close and stop leaking or dripping after it has been tested using the lever. And in sum, I agree completely that a questionable or used or leaky TP valve should be replaced immediately. A Temperature Limiting Valve that limits the outgoing water temperature to 50 degC in order to prevent scalding. An Expansion Control Valve is used on water heaters in south and Western Australia where hard water is found, and in some other countries or other jurisdictions.

The expansion control valve should be tested every six months, following the same procedure as for temperature and pressure relief valves as we described above. And see WATER HEATER SAFETY for our complete list of water heater safety devices and water heater safety inspection advice.
At TUNDISH used in PLUMBING we describe special devices designed to provide an air gap in the relief valve discharge tube and piping: a feature that can permit visual detection of a spilling TP valve if its discharge has been piped to an otherwise not visible location, and a feature that can protect the potable building water supply system against contamination from cross connections. If the building water pressure gauge reading is ever found at 80 psi or higher, you will want to install a water pressure regulator at the point where water supply enters the building.
If your building already has a water pressure gauge installed, it may be defective or it may be set too high.
An alternative to installing or changing a water pressure regulator when building water pressure is occasionally 80 psi or higher is the installation of an expansion tank to temporarily absorb that pressure increase.
Continue reading at RELIEF VALVE, WATER HEATER DIAGNOSTIC FAQs or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below. In small scale testing, the Mythbusters started with a small six gallon water heater and disabled all of its safety features under the theory of poor installation or neglect.
Because of built in safety devices most water heaters safely operate day in, day out without any major problems.
Randall Hilton and crew, with help from the Service Roundtable has prepared this video of a water heater explosion as a demonstration of the explosive power of a simple water heater.
Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore.
The Illustrated Home illustrates construction details and building components, a reference for owners & inspectors.
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Here, a thesis statement becomes very significant because it is the USP of your entire paper.
Other that the thesis you also need to give enough space to the arguments that your paper is going to present. Our prices and services are specially designed so that our customers can benefit from them. People who sometimes use their personal phones for work may not want clients knowing where to reach them outside of work, and anytime you're dealing with Craigslist, it's better to be safe than sorry. Just find the disable code for your country or region and add it to their number (before the area code) in their contact information. If it's available in your area, you can contact your carrier and ask them to activate a per-line block on your number so that it is automatically blocked from Caller ID on all outgoing calls unless you decide to deactivate it.
Some carriers (and countries) don't make this an option, though, so if your iPhone either doesn't have the option at all, or the switch is locked so that it won't toggle, blame your carrier. This way, calls to people you don't know are automatically anonymous, but you don't have to unblock your number each time when you want a friend to know it's you.Because Apple is so picky about what they allow, there aren't many options available in the App Store.
Hide Caller ID ($1.09) lets you block all calls or set up black and white lists for specific contacts. Most toll-free 800 and 900 numbers do not allow Caller ID blocking, and if you place a call to 911 or any other emergency or government service, your number will still pop up.Some lines do not accept calls from numbers with Caller ID blocks enabled via a feature called anonymous call rejection. That stamped number doesn't match any of the engine casting numbers given by numerous sites I visited looking for it. We explain the function, inspection, and maintenance of temperature & pressure relief valves on water heaters used to produce hot water for washing and bathing.
Where a pressure-only relief valve is to be used it should be installed as close as possible to the equipment it's protecting. Never close off or block the discharge opening of the discharge tube, just as you wouldn't plug the discharge opening of the T&P valve itself.
This relief valve needs to be replaced immediately and the cause for the valve's leakage also needs to be determined.
In this case the TP valve is doing its job - find and fix the cause of too-high water temperatures in the system.
Watts suggests installing a bypass model water pressure regulator that lets the excessive pressure head back to the street main or building water supply system - a solution that only works if the supply pressure is lower than the T&P relief valve spill pressure - which it usually is. Water hammer causes a momentary very high pressure in the water piping system, sufficient to open a TPR valve for a brief time. Otherwise even if the valve opens it can't release heat fast enough and there is a real risk that the water heater could explode. We observe an increase of leaks and drips at faucets and toilets at higher building pressures as the pressure may exceed the design pressure of some plumbing fixtures.
The hazard is that minerals in the water supply accumulate inside the valve during the passage of hot water through the valve assembly. In a BLEVE explosion, the state change of superheated water from a hot liquid to a vapor (steam) form releases an enormous amount of energy. To test the valve the lever on the valve is lifted, which should result in (hot) water flushing through the valve and its discharge tube into a bucket placed below the discharge tube for that purpose or into a floor drain.
More frequent replacement of the safety valve may be needed in areas where hard water is found. Not finding that the valve is stuck is not a 100% promise of proper function but the risk is reduced. This valve should be checked annually by measuring water temperature at a nearby water taps, making sure that the water delivered closest to the water heater is not hotter than 50 degC. The Expansion Control Valve discharges water into a drain to relieve excess pressure in the hot water tank. The Horizon system runs on always-available cloud-based software for office computers, laptops, tablets, iPad, Android, & other smartphones.
If improperly installed, water heaters can be detrimental to the structure, as well as being potentially fatal to its occupants.
Three were treated and released from a local hospital, but one woman was admitted to Harborview Medical Center with second-degree burns to her arm. But don't let the excellent safety record of water heaters lull you into forgetting about the explosive potential of these marvels of convenience. The hot water tank explodes using the steam pressure that any water heater can generate when the thermostat and temperature pressure relief valve (T&P valve or PT valve) malfunction. The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively.
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It has a long track record for helping its clients meet their literary requirements in any type of custom essay or paper, for the school or for business use. You can give your specifications as per your university’s normal requirements and leave the rest to us. Because of the multiple things that must be accomplished in writing a thesis, this academic activity can take over your life. That caused an opportunity and an obligation to turn that research into results, putting research and education together. For instance, the code for North America is *67, so you would dial that before the area code and phone number. Some carriers offer this feature for free and others charge an additional monthly fee, so contact your service provider for details. If your iPhone is jailbroken, though, there are a few Cydia apps you can try, like Bluff My Call or Caller ID Faker. Another popular paid option that works similarly is Secret Sheep ($3.95).Don't want to pay? Unfortunately, you do have to pay for it by buying credits (like a prepaid card), but they do offer one free call to try it out.
If you try to call a number with this feature enabled, you will hear a message informing you that this person does not accept anonymous calls. This permits emergency hot water to be discharged without risk of burning the face and body of a bystander. What is the minimum clearance distance that is required from the bottom of the countertop to allow the temperature relief valve adequate clearance? If a relief valve is dripping the deposit of minerals inside the valve will accumulate still more rapidly if the valve points to the side or upwards. That accumulation of scale will eventually block operation of the relief valve, causing the relief valve to fail to operate properly if unsafe pressure or temperature occurs in the water heater in the future. This figure is the latent heat of vaporization, the number of BTUs of energy used to raise one pound of water at 212 degF to one pound of steam vapor at the same temperature; in other words, the temperature is unchanged but the state of matter is changed from liquid to vapor. Removing the relief valve makes it easy to inspect this critical safety component itself, and it's easy to clean or replace the safety valve at that time. The purpose of this valve is to release pressure through a separate control so that the safety provided by the Temperature and Pressure Relief valve is not compromised by clogging from minerals should that valve frequently open.
The proper installation of a water heater is so important that according to Texas State Law all water heater installations must be inspected by a state licensed plumbing inspector. The Mythbusters then upgraded to larger thirty gallon water heater which exploded with significantly greater force, sending the water heater several hundred feet into the air. When a water heater explodes, it releases a tremendous blast force which can easily demolish a building. Just as important as quality is for them, the client’s prerequisites are also prioritized in writing the paper.
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The result is a clogged valve as we explain above - a dangerous situation that risks an explosion. Purdue's chart shows the number of pounds of lime deposited per year as a function of the water usage in gallons per day, with an assumed 10 grains of water hardness. The steam-powered tank hurtled across the busy intersection at First Avenue South and South 152nd Street -- over at least six lanes of traffic -- before landing more than 439 feet away in the parking lot of a Pizza Hut. In order to confirm the stated myth, the Mythbusters obtained a full size fifty two gallon water heater and built a shack around it with a roof that followed standard California building codes. Special Offer: For a 10% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference Book purchased as a single order. The symbiotic relationship between this two goes to show that each is dependent upon the other. You can find a complete list of unblocking codes here.None of these methods are 100% guaranteed as the rules and options are different for each carrier and country. Then, visit the Q&A page for warning signs as well as simple steps which can help you prevent your own water heater from exploding. Thanks to Alan Carson and Bob Dunlop, for permission for InspectAPedia to use text excerpts from The Home Reference Book & illustrations from The Illustrated Home.
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If it's very important that you make a call anonymously, you should make plenty of test calls first to make sure it works. Carson Dunlop Associates' provides extensive home inspection education and report writing material. Also the topic should fit to the concept of the discipline, problem posed by your professor. In practical application, this quote represents the inescapable task of every student to comply with multiple research paper writing task once he steps in an academe. If all else fails, you can always use a pay phone or Google Voice as a last resort.Lastly, because of the FCC's Truth in Caller ID Act which was signed into law in 2010, there are a few minor legal concerns. In light of these results, and the fact that there is documented evidence corroborating the myth, the Mythbusters deemed it confirmed.
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It's perfectly fine to use any of these methods if you're just trying to be cautious, or for a harmless prank. It is, however, illegal to spoof your number or provide misleading Caller ID information "with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value."You can find more information on the act by visiting the FCC's website, but it's pretty straightforward. Basically, as long as you're not hurting or stealing from anyone, you're golden.Do you know of any other great tips, tricks, or apps to block your number from Caller ID?

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